RAYDER Meeting was held at TCDD Fenerbahçe Facilities (Video + Photo Gallery)

RAYDER Meeting was held at TCDD Fenerbahçe Facilities. us RayHaber As the magazine, we attended the regular meeting of RAYDER in TCCD Fenerbahçe Facilities on 05.10.2013. According to the decisions taken at the meeting, Özen Technical Consultancy Media Group has now published RayHaber ve RaillyNews He became the official publisher of RAYDER in his magazines. No longer RayHaber ve RaillyNews RAYDER news, announcements and news of its members will be published officially.
During the meeting held in two sessions, problems in rail systems were discussed. After meeting with members RAYDER meeting where they discussed the recent developments in rail systems in Turkey turnout it was great. In addition, the meeting attended by RAYDER members and members of the press had a very intense agenda. In the event, which was also attended by members, the managers first introduced their companies. Let's watch:

Among the topics discussed, as off-set or domestic contribution issues attracted a lot of attention. Especially Durmazlar Taha Aydın, the architect of Silkworm and RAYDER, emphasized that the domestic contribution should be increased gradually by 51%.
The members of RAYDER, which pioneered the efforts to make the domestic production a national brand with the synergy created by the clusters created for the protection of local railway producers, introduced the members to the other participants in the sector. Corporate members are as follows:
Alnal, Asas, Durmazlar, Elektra, Eltaş, Emreray, Femsan, Gumni Welz, Gülermak, Hisarlar, Ilgaz Const., Makin, Medel, Polser, Rayennur, Safkar, Sarkuysan, Savronik, Sazcılar, SKC Carbon, Tamer Technical, Thales and Building Center.

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