Fast train impressions

High speed train impressions: When I had to go to Ankara for a mission trip at the end of September, I changed the normal route and went to Ankara via Eskişehir. Naturally, my main goal was not to see Eskisehir (it is necessary to spare a few days for Eskisehir, which is really a city worth seeing), to see what the High Speed ​​Train (YHT) is like, which I have been wondering for a long time.
I could not imagine that I would see such beautiful natural views when I took the bus on a sunny, hot September day. Excluding the between Istanbul and Kocaeli, which I know very well and is a huge industrial exhibition, the road route from Sapanca to Bilecik almost fascinates people with its natural landscapes. Greenery, mountains, hills as far as I can see from the window of the bus; Instead of the Istanbul-Ankara highway, people may prefer this road. However, before you come to Bozöyük, the greenery suddenly disappears and the Central Anatolian steppes appear. It suddenly appeared in Eskişehir as if it had been swallowed by this steppe.
While taking a taxi from the bus station to Eskişehir train station, it was 1,5 hours before the departure of the YHT. I could not visit the city in such a short time, but we arrived at Eskişehir station by making a short city tour at the cost of paying more. Eskişehir really existed as much as it was said. Clean, tidy streets and modern boats sailing in Porsuk… Really Büyükerşen has added a lot to this city.
But I can't say the same thing about the station. Everything needs to be renovated and renewed.
As the departure time approached, we were introduced to the high-speed train after a similar airport pass. It's a really modern tool. You can compare it to an airplane if it doesn't have large windows. However, when I got out of the city and entered the main line, I realized how much it looked like an airplane. This thing is more like a plane than a train. Just like a jet plane that started a crazy run before the "Take off". When you look out the window as if bewitched, the close environment is like a thick and huge line. And as our train rushes into the twilight with dizzying speed, threshing fires stand out like huge fireflies in the distance.
Then darkness collapsed. Now there is nothing out of the way except the electric pylons, which move away from the arrow. Ankara is behind this dark horizon. It is so close to this vehicle that you can only read a newspaper between Eskişehir and Ankara.
What shall we say? Darısı is the head of Istanbul. If the high-speed train comes to Istanbul, my first job will be to buy a ticket and go to Konya. I will run to Prophet Mevlana, who has been calling "Come, come" for centuries.




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