Railway Employees Want to Determine Working Time

Railroad Employees Want to Determine Working Time: Railway employees claim that the daily working hours of 8 hours are not complied with, TCDD Malatya 5. Regional Directorate in front of the action.
Speaking in a joint press statement issued by Turkish Transportation Sen and BTS Malatya Branch, United Transport Employees' union (BTS) Malatya Branch President Kasım Otur said, (8 hourly working hours per day are not followed in our workplace. In the 40 article of the decree law 399, although the weekly legal working period is determined as 20 hours, it is not followed by the institution and weekend holidays are not given. The active staff is working continuously on the train, especially between 40 and 20 hours per day; Monthly working time 24-300 In such a system, accidents increase, public property is harmed, and the safety of people traveling on railways is jeopardized art.
Otur claims that overtime pay can only be taken by gum. X 1 lira 45 penny is given as an overtime fee to the contracted personnel who are responsible for the navigation. However, if we meet with minimum wage workers, 2 thousand 350 people need to work. Approximately 4-5 is increasing the solid cost. 12.00 TL per hour per employee and 1 TL 45 penny per employee were seen in overwork. 1 hourly charges if taken, but gum can be taken.
Sit down, drawing attention to the need to determine the working order, said:
; The working order of the active personnel is in accordance with the Constitution, International Agreements to which we are a party and the principles set out in the laws; in determining the working order by taking into account the health, family and social lives of the active personnel, the safety of life and property of the railways and the prevention of accidents; 1-working time of the personnel working on the train and staff not exceeding the 8 hours, 2-weekly and monthly working time is not exceeded, 3-weekly 40 hours of working time is exceeded in return for the staff to give this as a rest, 4-task to the external center due to the task and We demand that the remaining personnel be counted on duty and pay overtime, to determine the weekend vacation of 5-active personnel and to take into account the issues. kalan
After the press release, the gum was distributed to the journalists who were seen by the officers.

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