Private Commuter Security Meeting was Held

Private Commuter Security Meeting was Held: Special Security personnel to work in Sincan - Kayaş commuter line were informed about their duties and responsibilities while introducing TCDD.
1 2013 meeting held in Ankara on 2. Regional Director Şehabeddin Gedikli, Protection and Security Manager Ramazan Kaplan, Private Security Company officials and special security personnel to take part.
The meeting was informed about the duties, rights, responsibilities and work of new security employees.
2. Şehabeddin Gedikli, the Regional Director, told the security personnel to work at the stations that TCDD had a long history with the 157 years and that a negative situation would directly affect the TCDD. and conveyed their wishes for success and goodwill, saying they should be friendly, be aware of their duties and learn their responsibilities well.
In his speech, Director of Protection and Security Ramazan Kaplan wished Private Security personnel to work in the framework of the Laws and other legislation, to know their responsibilities and to inform their supervisors in any negative situation, .

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