Prime Minister Erdoğan: Marmaray is the project of humanity

Prime Minister Erdogan: Marmaray is the project of humanity: Prime Minister Erdogan, who came to the podium with the song "While going to Üsküdar" at the opening ceremony of Marmaray, said that they are happy to complete the project in the 90th anniversary of the Republic.
Prime Minister Recep Tayyip Erdogan spoke at the opening ceremony of Marmaray. Highlights without speaking are as follows:
- Dear President, dear guest president, esteemed president of the parliament, dear prime ministers of Japan and Romania, dear judicial administrators of our country, dear ministers from friendly and brother countries, dear ministers of our country, dear ambassadors, dear guests, ladies and gentlemen, of course today. Dear Istanbulites, who are both the owner and the primary addressee of our great pride, I greet you with my heartfelt feelings. I hope Marmaray will be beneficial to Istanbul, our country, and all humanity.
- “The trick is to build a city; The conqueror of this city said, “Your heart is to be abused”. From the moment he entered the city in 1453, he worked to reconstruct Istanbul, as he stated in these verses, and left us as a legacy of the duty of honoring the hearts of the people. I commemorate Sultan Second Mehmed.
- We are opening the project of the century, Marmaray, on a meaningful day. Yes, today we are celebrating the 90th anniversary of the foundation of our republic, and we are experiencing this enthusiasm as a nation at home and abroad. We wanted to open Marmaray especially on October 29th.
- This brother of yours was born in this city, he grew up in this city, and now he lives in Üsküdar. proud that we live today in Turkey is the proud. But the pride we live in today is the pride of our unity and brotherhood of our republic. We were proud of iron nets on the 10th anniversary of our Republic. By adding new ones to the achievements of the 10th year, we realize with similar pride in the 90th year by increasing the railway networks, road and seaway networks.
- We have never forgotten the process leading to the proclamation of our Republic. We never forgot what a difficult road it was. Gazi Mustafa Kemal had fought the famous crazy waves of the Black Sea with a broken ship to reach Samsun from Istanbul and reached Samsun.
- We succeeded our War of Independence with the ammunition carried on oxen. We wrote epics. May Allah have mercy on our martyrs. We have experienced very closely as a nation that the road is civilization, independence and development.
- While 6 km of roads were built in the history of the Republic, we added 100 thousand kilometers in 11 years. We have added multiple surpluses to the investments made. With the roads we built, we brought not only cities but also hearts together. We embraced the north, south and east with the west, while the distances were close by high speed train lines, planes.
- There are 26 airports when we take office. Today, we have exceeded 50 airports. We were not at the point of raising our republic only with transportation networks. At the same time, we embroidered networks of justice, equality and democracy with the networks of fraternity, unity and solidarity, and made a much stronger structure:
- Marmaray not only connects two continents, but brings together dreams 150 years ago with reality. Marmaray brings this beloved nation together with a belief that he can see what he will do when he believes.
- That's why I say Marmaray is not just an Istanbul project. It is also a humanitarian project. Marmaray is the project of 81 provinces as well as Istanbul. Abe just said something nice. Uniting Japan and Istanbul… I hope Tokyo, Beijing, London, Üsküdar. Is it OK? It happens.
- Marmaray is the project of all our friends from Beijing to London. Now we are taking another step with Japan. That step also hope together we will build the nuclear power project in Sinop, Turkey, France and Japan.
- These trains will pass under the sea here. Love, love, love, brotherhood, will carry the passengers between the continents.
- You know it doesn't end with that. Hopefully in 2015, we are finishing the tube crossings where cars will pass. I hope the cars will pass through that tunnel. In the same year, we are finishing the third bridge. We want our 76 million beloved nation as well as friends and brothers to all peoples of the world to know that we built Marmaray on peace and brotherhood, as befits our history.

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