Passengers do not want to go down from Marmaray

Passengers do not want to get off Marmaray: TCDD General Manager Karaman stated that the intense interest in Marmaray continues and said, "Our passengers do not want to get off the train because they are curious and want to get to know the system."
The Republic of Turkey State Railways (TCDD) General Director Süleyman Karaman, stating that continued intense interest Marmaray, "Our passengers are staying for more than the train because they want to know out of curiosity and the system does not want to get off the train," he said.
Speaking to Anadolu Agency (AA) at Marmaray Yenikapı Station, Karaman said that Marmaray is a technical project that passes through both sea and land, and that the whole world is watching.
Calling on passengers to be more courageous when getting on Marmaray, Karaman said, “Everyone can travel comfortably here. It is not a big problem if a train gets stuck. We made the script accordingly. A vehicle can break down anytime, anywhere. This can happen with any vehicle. Your own vehicle may malfunction, either the train or the plane. We did not face such a risk. Yesterday there was an intense passenger demand. Our passengers are very curious from time to time. Some passengers touched the emergency brake and pulled. So one or two of our cars stopped yesterday. This happened between 5-10 minutes. We said 'do not touch these buttons' with announcements and warnings. There was no such negative event today. We are very happy in Marmaray. Our passengers are happy as well, and we are also very happy with railroad passengers. There is a lot in the press as if there was a problem here. These are absolutely exaggerations. We don't really have a big problem here, ”he said.
"One who gets off a train gets into another"
Karaman stated that the passengers spend a lot of time on the train, that is, they participate in the train many times and they do not want to get off the train, “Our passengers stay on the train longer because of curiosity and want to get to know the system, they do not want to get off the train. Sometimes our colleagues on duty drop off the passengers because there will be cleaning on the train. Some of the passengers who get off from here, this time go to the trains on the opposite platform. In this context, we are trying to solve their problems. We are increasing the number of trains. The fact that the flights were free for a while made us happy as well. Some of our citizens who have been traveling single for 2 days are coming to the journey with their spouses and children today. They saw and recognized Marmaray. They know and learn everything about the journey, mashallah ”.
Daily 200 thousand passengers are expected to carry, but the number of passengers per day 300 thousand indicating that the number of passengers in the Suleyman Karaman, today they have caught the same number continued as follows:
“After that, the passenger figures show 300 thousand. In the system where we planned 200 thousand passengers, we increased the trains when they passed 300 thousand passengers. We paid a little more attention. We tried to guide our passengers. Sometimes, we requested the passengers who got on the train a lot, so that other people could also benefit from the trip. Our people really loved Marmaray. We loved it too. As TCDD, we thank our government, prime minister and minister for giving us this right of operation. All our railroad friends are working day and night to keep this project alive with all their might. I would like to thank my friends who contributed to the project. We continue to work excitedly throughout the day for the whole team to settle the system. "
Citizens are happy
Some citizens who moved from Kazlıçeşme to Ayrılıkçeşme station using Marmaray expressed their happiness for the implementation of the project.
Şevket Durusu, who lives in Üsküdar and works at a factory in Zeytinburnu, said, “Actually, today is my day off. I took the train with the children to get to know Marmaray. I think this is a huge project. Now I will come to my job with this line. "Crossing the street will now be more enjoyable."
With her 7-year-old daughter Ayşe KadıköyOn the other hand, Kaan Söylemezoğlu, who took the train to move to his home in Istanbul, stated that Marmaray is a very good alternative to reduce the increasing traffic in recent days and said that he used Marmaray because he was curious.
Güler Zink, who works as a security guard at Marmaray Yenikapı Station, stated that they have very busy days due to the excessive demands of the passengers. “The number of passengers is increasing day by day. Most of this is our citizens who come because they are curious about the project. We are working to help them. Their needs for us are increasing day by day, ”he said.
Ali Karakoç, a retired officer who moved from Üsküdar Station to Yenikapı, claimed that Marmaray was a very important project, but that adequate security measures were not taken. Karakoç stated that he has been using Marmaray for 2 days but has not been sought anywhere.
Saadettin Pehlivan, who works in Aksaray and has been using Marmaray since the first day of the project, said, “I think this project is the project of the century. Because it is a great luxury to cross the Anatolian and European sides in 4 minutes in Istanbul. We visited the museum with my family. We also traveled with Marmaray. I thank everyone who brought the project to life ”.
In the meantime, it was observed that many tourists besides the citizens of Istanbul took souvenir photos in Marmaray and examined historical artifacts in the museum at Yenikapı Station.

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