Opposition to the opening of the Marmaray

Opposition to the opening of Marmaray: Mehmet Ali Şahin said that the Minister of Transport, Maritime Affairs and Communications, Binali Yıldırım, should also invite the opposition leaders. Şahin said, "In fact, if the Prime Minister calls and invites the leaders, it will be more elegant." said.
Marmaray, which will unite two continents from submarines and defined as the 'Project of the Century', opens on Tuesday, October 90, with a ceremony attended by President Abdullah Gül, on the 29th anniversary of the foundation of the Republic. Stating that opposition party leaders should also attend the ceremony, AK Party Deputy Chairman and Head of Political and Legal Affairs Mehmet Ali Şahin said that Minister of Transport, Maritime Affairs and Communications Binali Yıldırım should also invite opposition leaders. Şahin said, "Even the Prime Minister would be more elegant if he calls and invites the leaders." said.
Emphasizing that they will open a great project, which has been the dream of the nation for more than a century, with the participation of President Abdullah Gül and Prime Minister Recep Tayyip Erdoğan and some foreign statesmen, Şahin made the following proposal: “Our Prime Minister and other officials will be commissioned in Istanbul, Marmaray. Project. An important project that unites two continents under the sea. I think, "This is how we can be worthy of the Republic", with services. We, as the AK Party, are a service party, trying to be worthy of this nation by serving, and claiming the Republic. Guests from other countries will come to the opening of the Marmaray Project; heads of state, heads of government. They will share this excitement with us, but as a citizen of this country, beyond being the deputy chairman of a political party, as a citizen, this meaningful opening is the participation of the leaders of other political parties. Their participation will be instrumental in celebrating the Republic in a different way. Because we do not do these services, Marmaray for ourselves as the AK Party, we are implementing such a project for the country, even for the whole humanity. It is my greatest wish, my expectation, that the respected chairmen of our other political parties will also attend the opening ceremony and color this excitement. The invitation has definitely gone. Our Ministry of Transport, Maritime Affairs and Communications hosts. Binali Bey does not neglect these. In fact, the following is my heart; Let Binali Bey personally invite the leader of the main opposition party and other political party leaders to this opening by phone, and it would be more elegant for our Prime Minister to invite him. If we celebrate the 90th anniversary of the Republic with such an image of solidarity and solidarity, I believe that we will bless the hearts of our nation. "
Mehmet Ali Sahin, Tüyap Fair Center after the speeches found in the polls established in the center. One thousand 2 people will write their preferences for the Metropolitan Municipality of Bursa.

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