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The most democratic bookshelf at the tram stops: Kayseri Metropolitan Municipality puts an interesting application into practice, and puts books on tram stops that provide urban transportation. Besides the 4 bin 500 book taken by the municipality, citizens will be able to put the books in their home. Books of every non-banned thought will be allowed to take part here. From the very first day, some citizens brought books and put them in libraries. The application is shown as the best example of the expression of different ideas and ideas in democracies.
Mayor Mehmet Özhaseki participated in the program to put the first books in the bookshelves. In the program carried out at the tram stops in Cumhuriyet Square, President Özhaseki stated that we are a low-reading society and explained the necessity of gaining reading habits and becoming a more reading society. Özhaseki said, lı We as a nation are not very curious to write to read. We lived a nomadic life. We did farming. We came in the hands of non-Muslims such as trade and industry. But years later, we became inhabitants of these lands. We became Turkish lands. We have to complete a shortage. We have published an 130 book with information about our past. This is very important. Bu
President Mehmet Özhaseki, the Japanese people read a book 5 a year, in the 5 said that a person read a book, he gave the following information: X European countries in the city on the tram or when traveling in different vehicles, everyone reads books. We're either watching the outside or playing with the cell phone. Or we share our memories with our friends. We're not turning to books. However, books are a source of life for us. If we read a book, we'il be cultured. Believe us, our lives will spread. We don't throw the garbage, respect our surroundings, say hello. We smiled. We even win these. Bunlar
In a society that is small but useful in describing an activity that they are doing Özhaseki said that they put books on tram stops. He said that people can read books from here and take them to their homes. Those who did not bring back to their children said they can hold. The president said that these libraries could also bring books to people's homes, but the only condition was that they were not banned. He added that books belonging to every idea and thought can be included here.
President Mehmet Özhaseki, with the citizens of the book took the book he liked the library. One stop after descending Özhaseki, selected stories from the book that read two stories and said that the longer journey can be read more.
Before the program, the concert was given by the municipality of the Metropolitan Municipality showed great interest to citizens.

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