Warning from Minister: Moscow-Kazan speed train project costs are inflated

Warning from the minister: The costs of the Moscow-Kazan high-speed train project are being inflated: The costs of the transportation projects planned to be carried out in Russia as part of the preparations for the 2018 World Football Championship have already sparked controversy. Finance Minister Anton Siluanov warned of the costs of the Moscow-Kazan high speed line project.
Speaking at the breakfast meeting of Sberbank, Siluanov said that the costs of the Moscow-Kazan high-speed train line were unfounded, saying that the cost of the Moscow-Kazan high-speed train line increased by 140 billion rubles, and I think this figure will increase even more during the project's implementation.
Pointing out that the Moscow-Kazan high speed train line will be raised to 2018, the Minister said that only the part of the line up to Nizhny Novgorod can be completed until the championship.
Economic Development Minister Aleksey Ulyukayev also pointed to the risks of the Moscow-Kazan-driven train line project.
Deputy Prime Minister Igor Shuvakov said, "Russia needs to brake a bit in very large-scale projects."
Meanwhile, the cost of the Formula 1 track project in Sochi increased to 11 billion rubles.

Source : I www.turkrus.co



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