Metrobus will be underway

Metrobus will not upgrade to the Metro Metro: Metrobüs location will not take the subway, metro line will be presented as an alternative said Topbas, 'Metro required, no longer able to carry this density with buses. Metrobüsü without removing the bottom of the subway study are running. Adan He said.
Topbaş said that test drives related to Marmaray were carried out and said, "Technical studies on this subject have been completed for a few months. Of course, these works will continue until the opening date. Because when the system is activated, you can no longer stop the system. All rail systems have a certain trial run. A project that will crown our Republic on October 29 and kazanIt will come into play as IM.” he said.
Topbaş, who said that Marmaray is a system that will connect two continents from east to west of Asia, continued as follows: 'Suburban lines do not work because of the rehabilitation works and high speed train works in some lines. 29 will be in the region between Aydınlıkçeşme and Kazlıçeşme which we will put into operation as of October. Our line of Eagle will serve in Aydınlıkçeşme. On the other hand, we will serve in Kazlıçeşme and Yenikapı by buses until the suburban lines are finished. ' used expressions.

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