Metrobus Driver National Occupational Standard studies completed

Metrobus Driver National Occupational Standard works have been completed: BRT drivers have an important role in the traffic of Istanbul.
According to the National Bus Standard of the Metrobus Driver, prepared by the General Directorate of Istanbul Electricity, Tram and Tunnel Enterprises (IETT), within the frame of the metrobus driver, occupational health and safety, environmental protection, quality rules and methods; It was defined as the person who provides public transportation services to the passengers by using long bellows vehicles on divided (reserved, preferred) roads, and provides safe and comfortable transportation service to the passengers by obeying the traffic rules, signs and markers while driving.
The driver of the Metrobus will comply with the line planning carried out by his manager, comply with the hours of movement, and will communicate with the passengers, colleagues and employers he serves during his work.
Metrobus driver will be responsible for the accuracy, timing and quality of the processes.
The Metrobus driver will work in any geographical climate conditions permitted by the standards and in accordance with the working hours specified in the Labor Law.
Metrobus driver in the performance of the accident, beating, terrorist attack, fire, earthquake, flood-flooding may be subject to work accidents such as the said.
According to the occupational standard, the driver of the BRT will have an E-Class driver's license, and the results of the health reports and the psychotechnical assessment report will be positive.
The driver of the Metrobus will be able to safely use the bus provided to the passenger service, to protect the passengers and his / her life, not to be allergic to fuel, chemical chemicals, closed space and fear of speed.
In the event of an emergency, the requirements of the BRT drivers were connected to a certain standard. Accordingly, the driver will provide safe evacuation of passengers in the vehicle in case of breakdown. It will even inform the authorities about the negative situations observed.
Maintenance and cleaning for the Metrobus drivers will also be important. Drivers, according to the rules determined by the work of the personal care and cleaning, appropriate, clean, ironed and well-dressed clothes, clothes and symbols to be found on the clothes.
Metrobus driver to prevent unnecessary fuel consumption of the vehicle, internal and external cleaning of the vehicle, fire extinguishing device, fire blanket, first aid kit and the presence of the marking reflector, the vehicle will check the current status of the banners.
The driver of the Metrobus will reach the line with a safe and safe ride by taking passengers on the designated route. Wage collection system will be active in places where wage collection will perform.
The driver will be able to control the heating and cooling systems while driving, and the driver of the BRT will open the doors when the vehicle is stopped at the station. He will approach the stations according to the boarding of the disabled. In case of failure, it will help the passengers to pass to another vehicle safely and safely.
The driver of the Metrobus will stop the vehicle in suspicious situations such as terrorist incidents, mass demonstrations and inform the authorities.
According to the occupational standard, some knowledge and skills that a BRT driver should have:
- Simple first aid knowledge
- Speed ​​distance estimation ability
- Advanced driving techniques skills
- Crisis management information
- Oral and written communication skills
- Stress coping and stress management knowledge
- Long-term attention skill
- Passenger and environmental safety information

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