Is the Metrobus removed?

Is Metrobus removed: Istanbul Metropolitan Municipality Traffic Consultant and Bahcesehir University Faculty Member Prof. Dr. "Metrobus can be lifted," said Mustafa Ilıcalı.
Kadraj, presented by Zeynep Bayramoğlu at A Haber, Istanbul Metropolitan Municipality Traffic Consultant and Bahçeşehir University Faculty Member. Dr. He hosted Mustafa Ilıcalı. Ilıcalı implied that "Metrobus can be removed".
Gladiator film star Russel Crowe'in even falling to Tweet Tweet the traffic problem in the program of the program talked about the relationship between the Ilıcalı traffic problem with Gezi events, while the BRT line could be removed in the following years signaled.
Russel Crowe's exaggeration written on Twitter, (The famous actor made the comment that he is moving faster than a car in Istanbul traffic by putting a picture of a snail) there is no city with no traffic problems. The subject I will underline is to create bearable traffic. No transport engineering department in Turkey, just in Bahçeşehir University and the University of Yalova in Turkey. There is also a new investment in human resources that will solve the problem.
Also, we need to use IMM Mobile as much as we use Social Media. While looking at Twitter while driving, it is not a problem if you look at IMM Mobile. There is a traffic mobility of 23 million in Istanbul. The hourly capacity of Metrobus is 35 thousand passengers. 80 vehicles dropped from traffic. I can't imagine what would happen if those public transportation systems were not put into operation
Looking at the developed cities in this mobility in this population, we have to catch 400 kilometers in the subway. In 2019, the target is 400 kilometers metro. Central government, legislature needs support from the executive. Half of the 60 billion investments were spent in Istanbul. To make 200 kilometers in the next decade, there is a need for resources, speeding up bureaucratic procedures and administrative arrangements for this.
Metrobus is a workaround. When we took that project to the highways on behalf of the mayor, it was not approved, Mr. President put into service BRT when he took office. Metrobus is a workaround. It has a significant capacity. When the 400 kilometer metro occurs in Istanbul, the demands on these lines will decrease. Strips, buses can be used in other systems.

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