Akdeniz University Collects 1600 Signature for High Speed ​​Train

Akdeniz University Collected 1600 Signature for High Speed ​​Train: A group of students from Akdeniz University Faculty of Economics gathered signatures at the university in order to support the signature campaign launched by Antalya Chamber of Commerce and Industry under the name tı EXPO 2016 Antalya High Speed ​​Train to Antalya Akdeniz.
The students handed over the 1600 signature received from their friends at the university to ATSO President Çetin Osman Budak. Budak said that the contribution of the students was very meaningful and said, Öğ You have done something very important for the country. I congratulate you. I hope we will ensure that Antalya's fast train project will be included in the short-term program with the support of you. Alın Budak emphasized that the campaign did not aim to bring a high-speed train to Antalya, but that the railway would bring the cities closer, in addition to economic development. Xnumx'n indicating EXPO is the most important organization in Turkey will organize Budak, thanks to what they see as development projects EXPO especially, he said they hoped the elimination of a number of deficiencies in the transport infrastructure.
Budak stated that the most important problem of Antalya is transportation. One of the most important problems of Antalya is transportation and accessibility. Antalya welcomes a third of tourists to Turkey. If the 10 of this tourist is moved to Anatolia, 1.5 million tourists have the opportunity to get to know the riches and culture of Anatolia. This is our main target. The fast train project is a project that we will share the richness of Antalya with Anatolia. Hızlı
Budak said that the signatures gathered with the contribution of Isparta and Burdur in addition to Antalya surpassed 90 thousand and added: This is not ours as the ATSO, the demand of the people of the region. We will send the signatures we have collected to the Minister of Transport, our Prime Minister and the President and ask for the railway to be included in the program in the short term, Top he said.


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