Daily Income

To Obtain a Marmarayl Daily Revenue: Turkey's Marmaray nearly 150-year dream, to fill the Treasury's also safe. Here, the daily income to be obtained ...
According to the figures announced, daily 2,4 million TL revenue will be obtained from flights under the Bosphorus. If the predicted figures are realized, 8 billion pounds deposited on the ground of the Bosphorus will be amortized annually on 9,4.
According to the statements made, one way 75 thousand per hour, Marmaray 1 million 200 thousand passengers per day will be transported. Ticket prices will be applied in the form of 1,95 lira as in the city transportation. Istanbulkart will be able to use. Therefore, the income to be obtained from the public transportation under the strait will be watched around 2 million 340 thousand pounds daily.
According to the data of the General Directorate of Highways, an income of 19 million 305 thousand 217 liras was obtained from the crossings made from the Bosphorus and Fatih Sultan Mehmet Bridge (FSM) as of September. Between 4,25 and 32,25 lira per vehicle, depending on the type, is charged for the bridge crossings. The construction of the Bosphorus Bridge, opened in 1973, cost 21,7 million dollars. The cost of the FSM Bridge, which was built between 1986 and 1988, was 400 million dollars.
IETT has integrated the existing 181 line with Marmaray. In this context, 5 has created a new bus line. Passing through Marmaray lines, passengers can go to Silivri by transferring. Ticket prices in Marmaray will be exactly 1,95 TL and student 1 TL. Charged for the farthest distance can be up to 7 pounds.


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