Wrote songs to Marmaras (Video)

He wrote songs for Marmaray: ın The project of the century proj Marmaray has a song now. Sinan Yilmaz wrote a song for Marmaray.
The opening of Marmaray connecting Asia and Europe with the tunnel passing under the 62 meter of the Bosphorus was made with the participation of President Abdullah Gül and Prime Minister Recep Tayyip Erdoğan the day before. Marmaray attracted the attention of the world and now has a song. Artist Sinan Yılmaz composed a song for Marmaray. The song, ard The Ottoman soldiers used to throw the bow. It's a great find, it's our Marmaray. We changed Istanbul's wage this month. 29 opened in October, Marmaray X begins. In the song söz I'm going to the contract I love, I'm on the road. Marmaray'la I come to the 4 dakkaya ordayım akk with the emphasis on the speed of Marmaray'ın.



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