Marmaraya signed with blood

The name of the team at the beginning of the team to get the Marmaray project to 29 October was signed by the technical committee.
Marmaray'ı 29 October, the team will commit suicide in case of failure in writing and signed the delegation to work Tahan, blood poured from the finger poured the paper, he said.
Metin Tahan, General Manager of Infrastructure Investments of the Ministry of Transport, Maritime Affairs and Communications, participated in the 5N1K program prepared and presented by Cüneyt Özdemir at CNN Türk. Tahan recounted those moments on air:
“27 February 2013 has begun to experience serious troubles. But we had to get it together. Again at a late hour, our consultant company, project managers, my team assistant general manager, regional manager, 'this work will be finished' I said. Everyone was starting to say an excuse. I got a paper while I was talking. I wrote a note there. 'If we cannot open Marmaray in October, 29 by any means, we will sacrifice myself by jumping off the Bosphorus Bridge with all the honors and desires, especially the names below.' I didn't bring a pin, I cut my finger. They were all surprised. Blood flowed, I signed with my blood. It dried up and I signed them all. Matsubuko made it translate 12, what does that mean, what will I do. I said get out now if you don't sign. But he signed it himself.

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