Marmaraya praises the US press

Praise to Marmaray in the US press: CNN, the leading television channel of the United States, gave wide coverage of the opening ceremony of Marmaray in its news and mentioned the project with full praise.
"For the first time, Asia and Europe merged with a submarine tunnel," the channel said on its website. used the expressions.
The report, Turkey is located on two continents of the project, which cost billions of dollars was pointed out that rail combine for the first time under the sea. President Abdullah Gül, Prime Minister Recep Tayyipr Erdogan, Japanese Prime Minister Shinzo Abe, Romanian Prime Minister Victor Ponta and ministers attended the opening ceremony of Marmaray.
Erdogan's opening speech, giving sections of the CNN, the project from the Ottoman Empire (State) underlined that a dream. Sultan Abdulmecid of the Republic of Turkey 90 dream. The anniversary of the establishment of the news stated that the tunnel, the world's most intense ship traffic was under the Istanbul Strait was recalled.
In the news, which recorded that 15 million people live in Istanbul, the financial center of the region, it was emphasized that 2 million people switch between continents on a daily basis. The world's leading news channel, "Marmaray, from Turkey to China to ensure uninterrupted rail transport is being described as an important link on the modern Silk Road," he said.
On the other hand, New York Times newspaper said, "The city, which defines itself as a geographic junction between the West and the East with its minarets erected on the horizon over the silhouette of the Bosporus, is a place where European and Anatolian steppe cultures are intertwined." Logged in.

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