Hüdaî Road to Marmaray

Hüdaî Road instead of Marmaray: The definition of Istanbul is as follows:
The soul of Istanbul, Eyüp, Galata, Üsküdar… It is the Fatih called "Nafs Istanbul"; It means "Istanbul itself".
Uskudar of Istanbul and the Conqueror of Istanbul seem to be in love with each other. It is as if one is walking towards the other across the sea with open arms. The Maiden's Tower is like a symbol of this love. After the first century of Islam, the armies of Islam came ceaselessly for centuries and looked at Istanbul from Üsküdar with longing for conquest. When the Sultan of Lightning, who forced that determination to force his will, built the Anatolian Fortress, who knows what deep feelings of triumph about the other side were in the middle.
Uskudar and Fatih, is like the projection of each other. Both are dominated by spiritual climate and vast civilization. The images that fall into the water, with the beauty of an ebru, melt away in the blue of the sea in front of them while they flutter and hold hands. Now that longing has ended since the ancient times of history; vuslat
Marmaray brings Üsküdar and Fatih together to one another. With their reunion, distant lands from Beijing to Frengistan will also come closer. The fact that Marmaray is put into service is the truth of a big dream. Mr. It is a masterpiece of Tayyip Erdoğan; be blessed.
There is one more condition to be blessed:
Aziz Mahmud Hudaî Holiness, the five sultans who have taught the great, the great is a great person. Even though they are still alive, their peace is filled with people. A master who makes people beautiful and original. We are in a position to remember those magnificent prayers once again:
- Once in his lifetime, one who visits my grave and reads a Fatiha, should not see the face of poverty, drown in water, burn in fire, die without saving his faith ...
This friend of Allah, who gave his soul the good news of not drowning in water, made a mandatory miracle by walking on the waters that are the route of today's Marmaray. The people of Istanbul called this passage "Hüdaî Road" after that day.
If so…
What is the responsibility of your admirers and lovers? To change the name of "Marmaray" into "Hüdaî Yolu", that is to say its original.
When we were abroad, when the project was just opened, our brother Muammer Erkul expressed this request. We repeat once more. As a matter of fact, our proposal for renaming Nevşehir University Hacı Bektaşı Veli University was accepted. The acceptance of our offer will be the gift of our life. Rather than deriving a cold word called “Marmaray” from Marmara Ray, a warm name called “Hüdaî Yolu” would suit this great work much more, and matter and meaning would meet.
We are confident that by changing the names of the shopping malls that are contrary to our Turkish, the fellow countryman of Üsküdar's Prime Minister Tayyip Erdoğan, Aziz Mahmud Hüdaî, who served our language, will not hurt His Holiness.

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