Marmaray will be an alternative to the Trans Siberian railway line

Marmaray will be an alternative to the Trans-Siberian railway: special announcements from the President of JICA, which provides loans to Marmaray.
29 October, the opening will be held 'President of JICA providing the credit Marmaray Saito Akio the project, said the world's longest railway line, which could be an alternative to the Trans-Siberian, "will become Turkey's railway and trade base of the project," he said.
Marmaray, which has the deepest immersed tube tunnel in the WORLD, will receive an International Security Certificate before its official opening in October. A strong earthquake-resistant seismic isolation system applied to Marmaray, Japan's International Cooperation Agency (JICA) President Saito Akio, Hurriyet, "Independent organization for Marmaray TÜV SÜD'den 'safe' will be approved," he said. Marmaray world's longest Trans-Siberian railway line, which might record Akio alternative, said Turkey could become the base of the rail and commercial project.
The opening of the first stage of Marmaray project days before the opening of the President of JICA Hurriyet came to the special explanations. Akio 29 October, indicating that it has Marmaray great importance to be inaugurated, "Marmaray, the most emblematic projects carried out between Turkey and Japan. We have learned so much from Marmaray technically so far. This is not only a great project for Turkey. Marmaray will also be the first deepest immersed tube gateway to the world's 60 meter. Marmar
Akio stated that Marmaray was protected with earthquake resistant seismic isolation system at 7.5 severity. He gave the following information about the project: kor We have an international certification program called TÜV SÜD, which is a German independent test organization. We will receive this certificate proving that the project has successfully passed the security tests before the opening; For the safety of passengers and the project. We started the construction by considering all the risks that may come to mind in Marmaray. Turkey could become a base and center for the surrounding area with the Marmaray rail. Other connection lines will be renewed along with the project. Turkey can play a major role at this point. Turkey 'could become a trade center. In summary, Marmaray will be critical for world trade. With the renewal of the surrounding lines, Marmaray becomes an alternative to the Trans-Siberian railway line that starts in the Far East and reaches Russia by crossing over Russia. Red
We found the historic drilling trash
Saito Akio said that they found historical artifacts during the construction of the PROJECT. As the project went under the sea, tunnels were opened with big drilling machines. Since Istanbul is an old city, we encountered an ancient sounding. It was overwhelmed by hundred-year-old litter. He brought out the trash in the sounding O.
The line can extend to Japan
Akio said that they were struggling with hard currents under the sea during the construction., It was really hard to install immersed tunnels under difficult conditions. For Japanese, Istanbul is the first starting point of Orient Express. Marmaray has a special importance for us in that respect. O Noting that the system will provide uninterrupted transportation from the Far East to Europe, Akio said, o We hope that this line will extend to Japan in the future. Sistem

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