Marmaray opens without complete completion

Is Marmaray opening before it is fully completed: A claim about the Marmaray Project, which is planned to open on October 29, is gruesome. Because, according to the claim, Marmaray opens before it is fully completed and its end may be a disaster.
Electrical / Electronics Engineer Rıza Behçet Akcan, who has been working in the Marmaray Project for 6 years and retired from 12 years of Signalization and Communication Systems Expert Chief Engineer in 2008… In other words, a person who knows the project very well and is one of the experts in the field. .
The claim is;
Marmaray Project from Gebze Halkalıas a whole. Project's Contract CR3; It was built for 1 different tenders, namely BC2 Boğaz Tube Passage, CR3 Suburban Vehicles, CR3 Commuter Systems, to work under the responsibility and coordination of the CR3 Contractor.
Now the project is divided and opened for service due to the elections. It is argued that the signaling and command center will not work properly and will invite serious collisions due to this division.
Between the years 2002-2008, he worked as a Specialist Advisor for Signalization, SCADA and Communication within the MarmaRay project and he listed the possible dangers of the project as follows:
1. "There will be no Automatic Train Control (ATC) system that will be responsible for the overall control of the system, it will not be known where and how fast the trains are moving, so the presence of an emergency will not be monitored instantly both visually and audibly,
2. Without any safety equipment or in other words, systems with sub-security components of the fully secure ATC system, namely Automatic Train Protection (ATP), Automatic Train Operation (ATO), Automatic Train Control (ATS) It is not possible to know where the trains are at any time.
If an accident occurs in the TUBE
3. It is unclear how the danger of drowning of the passengers will be drowned by the intense water which is inevitable to float inside the tube tunnel if the flexible and sealed bellows in the end connections of the Tube Passages are torn,
4. The danger of working by forcing without the Central Command / Control system operating separately and independently for the TCDD Plant to be established in Maltepe and within the system integrity,
5. Will work as a satellite of the Maltepe Center Halkalı Hot Track monitoring - control system will not be able to be provided with certainty,
6. There will be no guarantee for the temporary control system to be installed at Üsküdar Station, and uninterrupted monitoring and safety of trains will not be possible. In addition, 10 million Euro will be paid in vain as the control center to be built in this station will be temporary.
7. The failure of a train in the 3 km tunnel in the Anatolian side and 11 km in the European side will be a disaster. Because; Emergency Rescue Locomotives will be purchased for this job and will be deployed at Söğütlüçeşme and Zeytinburnu suburban stations. Although there are no Emergency Rescue Locomotives yet, there will not be a locomotive to be used for the rescue operation since there is no station to hold this along the European side. This is how the catastrophe will be involved.

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