Marmaray expeditions on the first day

Marmaray flights are very popular on the first day: Marmaray, which started service with a magnificent opening, showed great interest to citizens on the first day. The citizens coming to Marmaray, which will be free for 15 days, had the excitement of traveling under the sea at 62 meters.
The opening of Marmaray connecting Asia and Europe with the tunnel passing under the Bosphorus 62 meter was held yesterday with the participation of President Abdullah Gül and Prime Minister Recep Tayyip Erdoğan. Citizens showed great interest to Marmaray which started its first voyages by 06.00 this morning. Some citizens prefer Marmaray to go to their jobs, while others were in Marmaray for wondering about the project. Ayhan Karaytu, who stated that the project is a very nice service, said, güzel I thank those who made this service. I think we're under the sea right now. I'm getting excited. I think this project will solve the traffic problem. I think it would also reduce fuel consumption. As long as we needed to ride metro and metrobus. Now I think to ride Marmaray m.
Nihat Bilgen, who said that he rode Marmaray because he was curious, said iğ We admired a very excellent project. Istanbul is a beautiful project to lighten traffic very much. Now I'm gonna check on the traffic situation. Exciting to travel under the 62 meter of the sea. You can cross the street in a very short time. Who knows how many hours to drive by car now takes place 15 minutes, kim he said.
Serap Tekin, a citizen, said: mek I couldn't look much inside the window. Very nice and exciting. Working people, morning and evening traffic is really a super thing for people, akşam he said.
On the other hand, the Japanese tourists who took the Marmaray took photos and wanted to immortalize this excitement.

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