What time does Marmaray open

What time does Marmaray open: After 9 years of construction in the Project of the Century, 'Marmaray', the happy end has been reached. The dream of 1.5 centuries that will unite the two continents under the sea comes true by opening Marmaray tomorrow, which is the 90th anniversary of the Republic, at 15.00.
Before the opening of the project, where preparations were completed, Binali Yıldırım, Minister of Transport, Maritime Affairs and Communications, made statements to the editor-in-chief and columnists of the newspapers on the Marmaray project, other projects to be integrated and security-related issues. According to the information given at the meeting, in which measures were taken against earthquake, fire and flood risks, the section of the project under the Bosphorus will be opened at the ceremony on October 29.
Stating that Marmaray does not pass through the sea, Yıldırım explained the project as follows: 'This is 15 km. There is a North Anatolian fault off it. This is not a fault in the sea. We are talking about a building with a 2-2,5-meter cover on the bottom of the sea floor. When you descend to the bottom of the sea, there is no sign of Marmaray. When there is an earthquake, the plate on the ground moves left and right.
Marmaray will move horizontally with the moving plate. What is the risk? There may be deterioration in the joints, problems with sealing gaskets between segments ...
Other than that, there is no collapse, because there is no cross movement. But vertical structures and skyscrapers in Kozyatağı and Bostancı are at greater risk. Naturally safer. The most important thing is that there is no problem between land and sea tunnels. "
Explaining Marmaray as a comfortable step to the busy traffic of Istanbul, Minister Yıldırım said that the second tube crossing project to the Bosphorus will be built between Göztepe and Kazlıçeşme, and that this passage, which will be used by vehicles, is planned to be completed in 2015.
Minister Yıldırım said, “The record of Marmaray at 60 meters depth will continue until 2015. From 2015 on, this record will be left for tire transition. The depth of the tube transitions will be 108 meters. "Our view is that the line will be able to carry 1,5 million people a day when it reaches full capacity."
With the commissioning of the suburban lines on both sides, Gebze and Halkalı 105, Bostancı and Bakırköy 37, Söğütlüçeşme and Yenikapı 12, Üsküdar and Sirkeci between 4 minutes. Gebze-Halkalı commuter line in GebzeHalkalı between 2-10 will be held once a minute and in one direction will be able to carry 75 thousand passengers per hour.
Marmaray's daily passenger carrying capacity will be 1 million. Marmaray will be connected to Istanbul Metro as well as Istanbul-Ankara High Speed ​​Line.
Ticket prices in Marmaray will be 1.95 lira at the level of urban transportation prices.
Marmaray Project, which is a dream of 153 years, has the title of 'World's Deepest Immersed Tunnel' with a depth of 60 meters. The total cost of the project, the construction of which started 9 years ago, is expected to reach 9.3 billion 298 liras.
With the opening of the "project of the century" Marmaray, the dream of Sultan Abdülhamit to connect the Bosphorus under the sea will also come true. Prerault's Cisr-i Enbubi project (submarine steel tunnel), which was presented to Sultan Abdülhamid in 1860, was intended to unite Sirkeci and Haydarpaşa stations, and the project, which was revised several times, could not be implemented. This dream of Abdülhamid will be shown with a documentary at the opening ceremony of Marmaray tomorrow. In the documentary, "Cisr-i Enbubi" and the dream of uniting two continents under the sea will be told.
While the final preparations continue in Marmaray, where it will be inaugurated tomorrow, the sea was seen yesterday with the removal of iron screens that had been disconnecting from the outside world for 10 years in Üsküdar Square. Yesterday, while the Marmaray sign was hung on the station in Üsküdar, the Presidential Protocol Directorate delegation inspected the area where the opening will be made. The delegation then held a meeting with the Japanese. It was learned that Japanese Prime Minister Shinzo Abe will also attend the opening. 35 THOUSAND HISTORY WORKS COMES ON DAY
The work in Marmaray started with the Archaeological excavation initiation ceremony in 2004. Over 35 thousand historical artifacts and 13 sunken ships were unearthed during the excavations, which will shed light on the history of Istanbul. The skeleton of the first Istanbulite, who took the history of Istanbul from 8500 years back to the 6500 BC, was found in the Thedesius Port, Yenikapı, which is mentioned in the world literature but cannot be found in any way. 8500 sunken ships were found in this area called the 'millennium harbor' reached during the Yenikapı excavations. 37 million lira was spent for archaeological excavations. Historical values ​​will be exhibited in the Archeopark to be established and in the Marmaray Museum.
In the first stage, Marmaray, which will run on the "Kazlıçeşme-Yenikapı-Sirkeci-Üsküdar-Ayrılıkçeşme" route, and Üsküdar and Sirkeci, the stations at the ends of the Asian and European continents, are passed in 4 minutes. The stops, ready for the opening, were decorated with miniatures from underground.
37 station will be added more
In the second phase of Marmaray, which includes the improvement of existing suburban lines of 44.4 km in the Asian continent and 19.2 km in the European continent, 37 stations will be modernized. The current number of lines will be increased to three, and the system will consist of 1 lines, T2, T3 and T3. Suburban trains will operate on T1 and T2 lines, while the T3 line will be used by intercity freight and passenger trains. Marmaray, Kadıköy-Kartal Rail System Project will unite at Ayrılıkçeşme (İbrahimağa) Station. While the giant project will be integrated with the Istanbul-Ankara High Speed ​​Train line from Gebze, it will also be connected to the Istanbul Metro. With the commissioning of suburban lines on both sides, from Gebze HalkalıIt will be reached in 105 minutes from Bostancı to Bakırköy in 37 minutes, and from Söğütlüçeşme to Yenikapı in 12 minutes.
Total cost: 9.3 billion pounds
Total line length: 76.3 km
Average station range: 1.9 km.
Tube tunnel length: 1.387 m.
Connections with subway lines running in the city: 4
Number of passengers in one direction: 75 thousand passengers (per hour / one way)
Number of stations on the surface: 36
Length of underground tunnel: 13.6 km
Number of trains: 2-10 minutes
Number of vehicles: 440 pieces



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