Important documents about Marmaray (Video)

Important documents about Marmaray: The Ottomans had designed to cross the Bosphorus through a tube passage.
“Cisr-i Enbubi”, one of the first tube passage projects in the world, was prepared, a documentary about the history of Marmaray. The documentary, which contains important documents, emphasizes how much Ottoman emphasis on technology.
The end has come in Marmaray. After 9 years of work, the two sides of the Bosphorus were united.
With the opening of the Marmaray project, which started to count down, Sultan Abdülhamit's dream of connecting the Bosphorus under the sea will come true.
The project, which Ecdadın laid the foundations of a hundred years ago, was among the most important of the period. So much so that the drawings and visuals of the system, which was not implemented even in the West, were completed.
Producer Turan Şahin prepared a documentary about the history of the project for the Turkish Historical Society. In the documentary, the visuals of the project are explained with a rich content and presentation.



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