Marmaray has passed Sirkeci Station Gas

marmaray map
marmaray map

Marmaray crossed Sirkeci Station: Marmaray started a bit troubled by the day. Some passengers were forced to land in Üsküdar due to the fact that Marmaray was passing through Sirkeci Station. In the announcements made, it was stated that trains would not stop at Sirkeci for a quality service. Some citizens flocked to the stations in the morning to enjoy Marmaray had a hard time. Due to the technical breakdown at Sirkeci Station, passengers were not downloaded at the station.

Some of the passengers waiting to get off at Sirkeci were downloaded from Üsküdar Station due to a serious malfunction. The passengers who found themselves in Üsküdar experienced a short-term surprise. A woman getting out of the carriage said she didn't know where to go. Sirkeci'a fault indicating that the woman was downloaded here, he said.


For a while, the woman who walked in the station then took the train again went to the direction of Yenikapi. Other passengers waiting to go to Sirkeci also left the station to ride the ferry on the fault announcement.

Authorities are trying to remedy the malfunction, he said. Meanwhile, one of the escalators at Üsküdar Station caused a short-term malfunction due to excessive intensity. Dozens of passengers on the stairs remained halfway through the road due to the breakdown. When the stairs did not work, the citizens had to walk out on foot.

A woman passenger, who stood in the middle of the stairs, struggled for a few minutes to get up the stairs.

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