Marmaray is the safest structure in a possible earthquake

Marmaray is the safest structure in the earthquake: Minister of Transport, Maritime Affairs and Communications Binali Yıldırım, 23 On the morning of October, when Prime Minister Recep Tayyip Erdoğan and his accompanying delegation entered Pristina (ANA) which took them to ANA, they first moved to the section where the journalists were with the Prime Ministry team.
I talked to Minister Yıldırım about the tour I did with the board chairman of the Anel Group, Ridvan Celikel, board members Merve Sirin Celikel, Bulent Batukan and Cahit Gumus.
- I recently toured the Marmaray Tunnel.
- I am aware that the main owner of the business is traveling with one of the subcontractors. We wrote down.
Then he said that he was upset by some of the allegations about Marmaray's security:
- Once the Director of Boğaziçi University Kandilli Observatory and Earthquake Research Institute. There is a report by Mustafa Erdik and his team. Marmaray Tunnel was determined as the “safest building” in the possible Marmara earthquake.
He pointed out the location of the tunnel according to the fault line in Marmara:
- Marmaray Tunnel is located parallel to the fault line and a horizontal structure. So there is no strong oscillation. God forbid, if an unforeseen 9-10 earthquake occurs, then the risk of sealing may come up in the section under the sea. There is also preparation for this kind of disaster scenario.
- What kind of preparation is in question?
- In the event of this risk, closing doors will be activated on both sides of the tunnel. If some water leaks into the environment until the doors are activated, its discharge will take place instantly.
I recalled the presentation of Yıldırım's presentation on the construction site in Üsküdar:
- One of the lids will close in the form of guillotine. The other one will come out and be activated in the door format. The closing direction of this door was also planned to move with water. That is, it will close immediately, as it will move in the same direction as strong pressure from water.
Minister Yıldırım noted that the Marmaray Project covers the 13.6 kilometer section between the Ayrılık Çeşmesi and Kazlıçeşme stations:
- The E&M systems (such as signaling, telecommunication, SCADA, traction power supply, automatic ticket system) of the department, which will be opened on October 29, were completed and tests were carried out. TUV-SUD was assigned for the security of the line. Certification studies will be completed before opening.
Controls emphasized Asian Consult:
- The signal system called CBTC (Train Control on Communication Basis) was used in Marmaray. ATP (Automatic Train Protection), ATC (Automatic Train Control), ATO (Automatic Train Operation) and ATS (Automatic Train Management) systems are fully functional and tested in the signal system.
He emphasized that the control center is located at the Üsküdar Station site:
- The control center, which will operate completely independently, has the necessary security. In addition, emergency locomotives will be kept separately by Kazlıçeşme and Haydarpaşa. In an emergency, immediate access will be available.
When the ANA plane was moving, it ended with the following call:
- Do not worry citizens about Marmaray just before opening. Don't confuse the citizen.
When the Minister Yıldırım came to the front, I returned to the message that the technical team of Anel Group gave when we stopped at the deepest point of the tunnel:
- This will be one of the safest points in the possible Marmara earthquake.
No matter how safe it is, is it possible to live any risk just in the depths of Marmara and to be cool?
Hopefully, all the risky situations envisaged for the Marmaray Tunnel remain only in the scenario…
Personnel services get up in two years
Binali Yildirim, Minister of Transport, Communications and Maritime, pointed out that the traffic was more stuck during service hours of service vehicles in Istanbul:
- Actually, you have to finish the service vehicle in a year or two.
- How will the kids go to school?
- I mean staff services, not school services. With the introduction of Marmaray, we will have taken a significant distance in public transportation. It is now useful for employees to get used to public transportation vehicles.

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