Investment with Marmaray

Investment made by Marmaray: Marmaray, which attracted an investment of 600 million dollars to the Anatolian Side without being opened, will increase the number of hotels by 5% in 30 years.
Turkey's 150-year-old dream Marmaray opens today. Its technological infrastructure, economic size, railway transportation kazanThe project, which has already attracted the attention of the whole world in terms of the momentum it will bring and many other innovations, is expected to significantly increase the tourist flow from Europe to the Anatolian Side.
Marmaray, which attracts an average of 5 million dollars of investment to the region with 15 600-star hotels before they are opened, is predicted to increase the number of hotels by 5 percent in the next 30 years. With the project, which significantly reduced Istanbul's traffic problem and reduced the transportation from Asia to Europe to 4 minutes, 1 million 200 thousand passengers will be transported daily. It is stated that the project will attract an additional 350 thousand tourists annually to the Anatolian Side. Timur Bayındır, President of Touristic Hoteliers, Operators and Investors Union (TUROB), said that Marmaray, one of the biggest projects in the history of the Republic, attracted an average of 600 million dollars of hotel investment to the region before it was realized. TUROB President said, “Marmaray, which solved the transportation problem between the two sides, turned into an opportunity for hotel investors. In the places where Marmaray passed through, 5 hotels, most of them 15-star, were built. Considering that each of them has an average investment of 40 million dollars, Marmaray attracted 600 million dollars to the region before it was opened ”. Emphasizing that Marmaray will increase the tourism dynamism in the Anatolian Side, Bayındır said: “Additional investments will be provided to the region. Thus, both employment will be provided and the region will develop. "
Ayhan Hüzmeli, Chairman of the Istanbul Chamber of Commerce (ITO) Accommodation Professional Committee, stated that they expected Marmaray to attract an additional 350 thousand tourists annually to the Anatolian Side. Hüzmeli said, “Marmaray increases the density of accommodation on the Anatolian Side. For this reason, we think that the number of additional hotels to the existing projects will increase by 5 percent in the next 30 years. ” Expressing that the tourists visiting Istanbul primarily prefer the European Side for accommodation, Hüzmeli said, “The hotels in Anatolia are in the foreground due to the transportation problem. Now that the transportation time will be very short with Marmaray, the hotels on the Anatolian Side will catch the same occupancy rates as those in Europe. ”
ITO Travel Agents said that the number of tourists coming to Turkey's public transportation significantly increase Profession Committee Member Ahmet Kozikoglu, "Taksim tourists from reaching his destination, 5-10 minutes by public transport. The same convenience will be experienced on the Anatolian Side with Marmaray. The attraction of the region will increase. ” Kozikoğlu added that with the completion of the connection roads, tourist spots such as Çamlıca, Beylerbeyi and Bağdat Caddesi will catch the tourist density in Europe for a few years.

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