Claims shocked before the start of Marmaray

Before the Marmaray opening claiming shock: Turkey Chamber of Mechanical Engineers Association (Chamber) Istanbul Provincial Coordination Board Secretary Süleyman Solmaz, who served in 8 years Marmaray Project Riza Behcet Akcan based on the report claimed that put into service before the completion of the Marmaray Rail Tube Crossing.
Turkey Chamber of Mechanical Engineers Association (Chamber) Istanbul Provincial Coordination Board Secretary Süleyman Solmaz 8 years working in the Marmaray Project Reza claimed that based on the report Behcet Akcan put into service before the completion of the Marmaray Rail Tube Crossing.
Turkey Istanbul Provincial Association of Chamber of Mechanical Engineers and the United Transportation Union Coordination Council for the Marmaray 29 press release, which will open in October Republic Day was made. Turkey Chamber of Mechanical Engineers Istanbul Provincial Directorate of the press release issued at the Chamber of Istanbul Provincial Coordination Board Secretary Süleyman Solmaz Chamber of Civil Engineers Istanbul İş President Cemal Gokce, United Transportation Union 1 No. joined Albuz Board Member Ersin.
TMMOB Istanbul Provincial Coordination Board Secretary Süleyman Solmaz, who claimed that the Marmaray Tube Crossing was put into service before it was completed, based on the report of Rıza Behçet Akcan, who is an Electrical and Electronics Engineer and worked in the Marmaray Project for 8 years, said, `` There are 11 items in the published report. If you open Marmaray without considering these 11 items, it creates a risk. He says don't open. He says this is murder. There are no safety wagons. This system does not have an electronic security system. The project has been considered as a whole and the project will start from Gebze. HalkalıIt will end in. The security system has been created accordingly. There is no control security center for the tube to be opened now. In addition to this, with an investment of 10 million euros, an electronic signaling system was installed in Üsküdar to control the system in the tube temporarily, State Railways says. But according to Behçet Bey's claim, it will not solve this problem. This passage was created by combining the tubes. These are made with a flexible coupling with a compensator. In case of rupture in these connections, the tunnel will be filled with water. When such a risk arises, no scenario has been developed to solve this problem, and no measures have been taken for this. It is an important problem. Trial runs are required. Trial runs have been carried out with diesel engines so far. In other words, it was built with diesel locomotives used by the State Railways in other transportation areas. It is not loaded with a load corresponding to the passenger weight. However, when it is put into operation, locomotives that will work with the electrical signal system will be used and people will be transported. No trial has been made for a different weight. This is a huge risk. These three reasons are the main reasons. Even if Marmaray is to be opened, do not get people here, continue the trial runs with diesel wagons and close it after a while. Open the project after it is fully completed. We support this proposal. Turkey should not take this risk. If it is to be opened on the Republic Day, human transportation should not be done, ”he said.
Claiming that the tube passage is not technically ready, Ersin Albuz, Member of the Board of Directors of the UnitedTransportation Union No.1 Branch, said, “There is no test drive before it is finished. Works and activities continue in the tunnel 24 hours a day. If technical personnel are still working in the tunnel, then this tunnel is not finished yet. The endless tunnel is opening, friends. A control desk has not been created to control that system. The electrification system there has not been fully implemented. Our Prime Minister has said that he will open this project on this date, so it is opening forcibly. I hope this remains just a ceremony. Maybe only transportation will be provided that day. Later, after the necessary work is completed, it is opened for passenger transportation. It needs to be opened after being tested after serious passenger-free trial runs. Now the tube is not technically ready to open, guys. We can have serious problems, ”he said.




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