The opening ceremony of the Marmaras erased the bazaar market

The opening ceremony of Marmaras erased the sahaf bazaar from the history: For the Marmaray ceremony to be held with the participation of Erdoğan in Üsküdar, Istanbul, the Sahaflar Bazaar, which had been operating for years, was destroyed. The shops that decided to stop the execution were left without electricity and water, and the shutters and tables were broken.
With the participation of Prime Minister Tayyip Erdoğan and the opening ceremony of Marmaray, Üsküdar Municipality made landscaping and destroyed the Sahaflar Bazaar on the Hakimiyeti Milliye Street. Although the shops on the street consisted of a number of shops and cafes, some of these shops were damaged and could not work without electricity and water. About 20 tradesmen who have been street residents for years, rebelled against destruction yan We became occupants when we were tenants, Kir he says. The municipal authorities said boz We broke the image, we destroyed it. An interim decision to stop the execution, he said, shops will be demolished.
'Dropped to Busy Situation'
The rent contracts were not renewed and the owners of the shop fell into the occupation status last February in the Üsküdar Municipality Real Estate Expropriation Directorate. A few days ago, they decided to evacuate the destruction of the 8, the 2 on the street and the 11 shop on the street. Tahir Köse, the owner of the shop since 1995, 6 against ecrimisil notice. He appealed to the Administrative Court to stop the execution. Despite the decision, Köse's shop's shutters were destroyed, electricity and water were cut, tables were broken. Mr. Köse said, una I have been the contracted tenant of the municipality for years and I have been put down as an occupier. Demolition was made on the eve of the feast that the Prime Minister would come. Every store in 4-5. Dozens of people are unable to work, Onlar he said.
18 Ramadan, who has been working as a bookshelf on the street for years, am Although we decided to stop the execution, tents, shelters destroyed. We're in the way of rubble, we can't do business. We couldn't find an addressee for whom we went K. The shop is completely destroyed shopkeepers now thinking about what to do.
. 29 will be the opening ceremony of Marmaray in October. They were shops like a shack. Shops that have lost the quality of the tenancy and fall into the occupier status by the Kaymakamlık authority Üsküdar Municipality was destroyed with the support of municipal police teams. He lost his function. Shops like Baraka were not suitable for Üsküdar. B The decision to stop the execution, but the destruction of the damaged shops related to the "This decision is no certainty, those shops will eventually collapse," he said.


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