Support from OSB for Manisa Light Rail System Project

Support from OSB for Manisa Light Rail System Project: Mayor of Manisa Cengiz Ergün received OSH Chairman Sait Türek at his office.
During the visit, issues related to the expansion of the OIZ along with the light rail system that President Ergün recently brought to the agenda.
Türek; We Support the Project
OSB President Türek said that they supported the project of the Municipality of Manisa and expressed satisfaction with the steps taken to expand the OIZ. SAB Chairman Sait Türek visited Cengiz Ergün, Mayor of Manisa at his office.
Türek gave President Ergün a gift from his new product of the Yonca Oil Factory. During the visit of Türek, the Deputy Mayor Azmi Açıkdil and Transportation Services took part in Mümin Deniz.
Expressing that they brought up the issue of Light Rail Systems recently and that they are working in this regard, Ergün said that ilgili We wanted to discuss the details of the issue with them.
'Important for Worker Brothers'
At the point of transporting our brothers working in the Organized Industrial Zone, the Light Rail System to Manisa kazanneeds to be lifted. Of course, one leg of this business is OSB. We will consult with them at the point of determining the routes related to this. Hopefully, we want to accelerate this process and implement this project in Manisa, which is a metropolitan city. I wish you good luck in advance," he said.
OSB to be Moved to Parliament's Agenda
Enlargement of the OIZ In the Agenda of the Assembly, Cengiz Ergün, the Mayor of Manisa, said that the issue of expanding the OIZ will be discussed in the parliamentary agenda of September, saying: B Our colleagues working in the commission are carrying out their works. We will also have talks with Sait Bey on this issue. I wish both of these issues would be beneficial to our city, Ben he said.
We are ready to be supportive OSB Chairman Sait Türek said that the Municipality of Manisa was pleased with its planning for the expansion of the OIZ in the next five years and the sensitivity of the Light Rail System. Expressing that these studies are the right approach, Türek said, getiren When planning a topic, it is not very good in our country to evaluate the pros. Now, in the understanding of new urbanism, it is necessary to think of industry, settlements, infrastructure, refuse and treatment as a whole. We think that light rail system is important in the transportation of the work force to the industry in our city. We are ready to give all kinds of support to such a project within the means provided by the laws. We are the country that uses the most minibus with India in the world. We must make a transition towards the requirements of the civil age. We are ready to do our part on this issue, düşen he said.

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