New trams of the country are coming

Konya's new trams are coming: The transformation in public transportation begins in Konya. The first of the new trams is expected to be in Konya during the Feast of Sacrifice.
Major transformation begins in public transportation in Konya. New technology is now being switched to replace the existing trams, which have taken the burden of the city for 22 years. New trams to come to Konya are ready. Currently on the rails and test drives are being made. Konya Metropolitan Municipality Mayor Tahir Akyürek said, “The first trams that were manufactured landed on the rails where they were produced. It will start coming in the coming weeks. Then at least 3 trams will be here every month. "The latest model, XNUMX% low-floor, air-conditioned, comfortable, quiet, faster and more different models were produced," he said.
The new tram is expected to be in Konya in the first two days of the Eid al-Adha if there is no customs closure due to the religious holiday.
The people of Konya have determined the color of the new trams, which are the products of the latest technology.

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