Konya's New Trolley Showcased (Photo Gallery)

Konyaın New tram has come to the scene: the first trams waited by the people of Konya is the first trams came to Konya. Trams that appeared in Kültür Park attracted great attention by the citizens.
Following the tender made by Konya Metropolitan Municipality regarding the purchase of the last model 60 tram, the first tramway to Konya was tested by 29 October Republic Day and the Konya protocol test was carried out. Konya Governor Muammer Erol, the military and civilian who participated in the test drive together with Konya Metropolitan Municipality Mayor Tahir Akyürek, ve Our Republic 90. 90 will celebrate the anniversary with an important work. We will celebrate not only the word but also the important works that will carry our city to the level of contemporary civilization. Sadece
Konya Governor Muammer Erol, Garrison Commander Major General Ali Cetinkaya and Konya Metropolitan Mayor Tahir Akyurek participated in a test run on the first tramway to Konya after the tender for the purchase of the latest model 60 tram.
Governor Erol, Major General Cetinkaya and President Akyurek, 29 October Republic Day celebrations, followed by a new tram ride around the Alaaddin Hill trial.
Emphasizing that a new era has begun in rail system transportation in Konya, the city that first used the tram in Anatolia, Metropolitan Mayor Tahir Akyürek reminded that the first of the trams, whose tender was made in 2012, arrived in Konya on the first day of the Eid al-Adha. With its Seljuk motifs, green-white color determined by the people, camera systems and the latest model trams, they bring the city to the city. kazanPresident Akyürek noted that "Today is October 29, Republic Day. We will celebrate the 90th anniversary of our Republic with 90 important works. We will celebrate not only with words, but with important works to bring our city to the level of contemporary civilization. We are going through that process now,” he said.
Emphasizing that the rehabilitation of the rail continues with the trial of the new tram, President Akyürek stated that the stop number 35 will be 22 within the scope of KONYARAY study and the transportation time will be shortened.
Alaaddin-New Courthouse between the arrival and departure of the 14 kilometer rail system line, indicating that the delivery of the President Akyürek, on this line in the 2014 year will start voyages.
In his speech, President Akyürek emphasized that KONYARAY is the 4 pillar. .
President Akyürek most advantageous tender in Turkey reminded that they made in public transportation, 60 increase in the quality of public transport in terms of traffic and the new tram adding that it would be a big advantage.
Zal Shahbaz, the second chairman of the Skoda firm, who took the tram tender, expressed their happiness for having a share in the expansion of Konya rail systems.
The last model and the low-based 60 tram taken by the Konya Metropolitan Municipality has a total of 60 people, including 308 and 368. New trams with long 2,5 meters from existing trams; 32,5 meter length, 2,55 meter width. The trolleys with double-sided doors, which can be used as double direction, are fully air conditioned.

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