45 train tracks weighing 25 tons were stolen in Konya

45 train tracks, weighing 25 tons, were stolen in Konya: This is too much for them… They stole 25 rails from the railway. The thieves who took advantage of the railway renovation works in Konya stole 45 train tracks weighing 25 tons in total.
One of the thieves who stole the 45 toned 25 tracks was caught by the gendarmerie.
Konya Provincial Gendarmerie Command teams, Akpınar railway track passing through the place, the renovation of the May and left in place where the old rails were stolen recently reached information.
The Gendarmerie Crime Scene Investigation teams, who started an investigation on the subject, determined the vehicle in which the rails were loaded after a detailed study. Later, one of the two suspects was caught. The teams continue their efforts to capture the other suspect T.K.
In the inspection conducted by TCDD Maintenance and Repair Directorate, the total weight of the stolen 25 pieces rail is 45 tons and the value is about 31 thousand pounds.

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