Hejaz Railway Exhibition Opened at KBU from 1900 to Today

📩 27/10/2022 23:49

ll. Within the scope of the International Rail Systems Engineering Symposium, the “Hijaz Railway from 60 to the Present” exhibition, in which 1900 photographs were exhibited, was opened by Researcher Teacher Mustafa Gezici and Mechanical Engineer Muhammed Nuri Kömeç.

Exhibition; Karabük Governor İzzettin Küçük, Rector Prof. Dr. Burhanettin Uysal Karabük Provincial Police Director Oktay Keskin, Turkey Railways Education and Training Department Head Dr. November Özdemir, KARDEMİR AŞ. General Manager Fadıl Demirel, TÜDEMSAŞ A.Ş. General Manager Yıldıray KOÇARSLAN, Deans of the University, Academic and Administrative Staff and many art enthusiasts participated.

Our Rector expressed his pleasure to welcome them in our university. Dr. Burhanettin UYSAL; Gün Today is a very important day for us. Ll increase the competitiveness of our country. Welcome to the International Rail Systems Engineering Symposium and Exhibition. When our ancestor Rail Systems realized how important it is for our country and civilization, it realized the Hijaz Railway with difficulties within the impossibilities. He succeeded in attracting all the attention of the world. I once again commemorate our ancestors showing this success. This work should be an example for all of us. I would like to express my gratitude by thanking our esteemed Mustafa Gezici teacher who opened this exhibition. Ben

Following the opening speeches, our Rector Prof.Dr. Dr. Burhanettin Uysal, KARDEMIR AS. General Manager Fadil Demirel, Turkey Railways Education and Training Department Head Dr. November Özdemir and TÜDEMSAŞ A.Ş. Together with General Manager Yıldıray KOÇARSLAN, they cut the ribbon and opened the exhibition.

During the exhibition, Mustafa Gezici, a researcher and teacher, gave detailed information about the works. Participants of the exhibition ”Hicaz Railroad from 1900 to Today Bugün, where there is intense interest, examined the paintings with admiration.

At the end of the exhibition Prof.Dr. Organized in Bektaş Açıkgöz Conference Hall. International Rail Systems Engineering Symposium.

The exhibition of the Hicaz Railway from 1900 to Today will be on display for three days.

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