Trams and buses in Kayseri every day 9 bin 100 expeditions

Trams and buses in Kayseri every day 9 bin 100 expeditions: Kayseri Metropolitan Municipality by the city to provide daily transportation by tram and buses 9 bin 100 voyage is done. The road is 120 thousand kilometers. 40 75 3 is the equator circumference around the world of these transportation services XNUMX times the tour is thrown.
According to the statement made by the Metropolitan Municipality, after the removal of minibuses in the city transportation, natural gas buses, rail systems, public buses and municipal buses provide transportation. giving municipalities the best transportation service in Turkey, it carries 350 thousand passengers daily by public transport. 387 bus service provides 125 bus, 512 bus service and 2009 bus service. In 120, the number of kilometers traveled for the daily transportation, including buses, was reached by 85. The rail system will carry daily 2014 thousand passengers, while the additional routes extended to the districts of Ildem and Beyazşehir will be available at the beginning of the XNUMX year, which will further increase passenger capacity.
Municipal authorities, the 120 thousand kilometers traveled in the day around the world can be calculated as three-times strolling and increasing the number of people in the city every day will increase interest in public transport points out.

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