Prime Minister of Japan: Let's Dream Together for the High Speed ​​Train from Tokyo to Istanbul and to London

Prime Minister of Japan: Let's Get Out of Tokyo, Pass to Istanbul and Dream of the High Speed ​​Train Extending to London: Speaking at the opening ceremony of Marmaray, Japanese Prime Minister Shinzo Abe said, “Let's get up from Tokyo, go to Istanbul and Let's dream of a high-speed railroad stretching up to XNUMX years ago. ”
Speaking at the opening ceremony of Marmaray, Japanese Prime Minister Shinzo Abe said, “Let's now dream of a high-speed train that goes from London to Istanbul and goes to London.”
At the ceremony held in Üsküdar due to the opening of Marmaray, Romanian Prime Minister Victor Ponta made a speech after the Minister of Transport, Maritime Affairs and Communication Binali Yıldırım. Noting that he was delighted to witness a historical moment on behalf of the Romanian people, Ponta pointed out that Europe and Asia are united by rail this time, “This is indeed a historical success. Here we are talking about an enormous project and an enormous project is carried out with enormous people and enormous leaders. Probably all European prime ministers would have liked to be at the head of such a magnificent project. You are once again connecting Europe and Asia. Thanks to you, these two continents are uniting in this new world. A better day would not have been possible for such a celebration. Congratulations on your Republic Day today, "he said.
Japanese Prime Minister Shinzo Abe, who came to the podium afterwards, said, “We, who come from the east of Asia and have historical traditions, know very well the difficulties that you in the west of Asia go through. I wish the eternal prosperity and happiness of Turkey and the Turkish people. On this happy day, the 90th anniversary of the Republic, your 1.5-century dream has finally come true. I sincerely congratulate you. When I met with Mr. Erdogan in May, the cities of Tokyo and Istanbul were in competition for the Olympics. Who are we at that meeting? kazanirs kazantest loser kazanWe promised to support the moment. At the moment when the decision was made to hold the Olympics in Tokyo, Prime Minister Erdogan came to me before anyone else and hugged me to celebrate. At that moment, I was heartily impressed by the courage and friendship you showed. This time it's my turn to congratulate Prime Minister Erdogan. In May this year, Mr. Prime Minister explained how important the Marmaray project was and asked me to attend the opening ceremony. I am honored to be here today. Because I have kept my promise to the Prime Minister," he said.
Abe, the whole world, involved in the project stated that mentioned Turkey and the success of the Japanese, "to be processed to map and generations would like to thank once again to Turkey for Japan as a partner in a project that will remain in history, stature and Japanese firms have selected. Let's get up together with the dream of a high-speed train that goes from London to Istanbul and goes to London. Now with Turkey, which has a strong Japanese economy it is G20 two friendly countries. As strategic partners in May, we committed to deepening cooperation between our countries and working together for the world. Japan is the world working to bring peace and stability in Asia and Turkey, the two wings. "When I set foot in Istanbul, which connects east and west this year, when 150 years of dreams have come true, such thoughts have always been on my mind."
The guest prime minister completed his words by saying “Thank you” in Turkish. After the speeches of Minister Binali Yıldırım, Sultan II. He presented a table with sketches of the first Marmaray project that Abdülhamit Han had prepared in 1881.

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