Izmir Hilali Loved The Station Does Not Take Passengers

Izmir Hilali Sevdi Station Does Not Get Passengers: 4 Hilal Transfer Station opened in August, serving two thousand 500 thousand passengers in one month was one of the busiest stations in İZBAN. However, the current situation began to be inadequate.
IZBAN's 32. 4 as a station opened in August Hilal Transfer Station, two months in a short time was flocked by passengers. Izmir, Izmir and Izmir, which makes the transfer much faster than the second intersection point of Izmir Metro, Halkapınar Hilal Transfer Station in two months 500 close to a thousand Izmir used. Currently, the station where the 12 passenger 500 has entered the day, became one of the busiest stations of İZBAN with the number of passengers it reached.
Shortening the transportation time to Şirinyer-Konak, Hilal Transfer Station also positively affected the number of passengers at the Hilal Station of İzmir Metro. The 40 Hilal Station, where 4 passengers have entered and departed a month ago, has served 500 since August of 0,9. The passenger share between Hilal's Izmir Metro stations increased from 5,4 to XNUMX.
Izmir people, private hospitals in the Basmane region, Yenişehir government offices and the Fair to reach the fair in Izmir preferred. However, only the 2 cipher input and the 1 exit Crescent Station became inadequate. At the beginning of the evening, the passengers from Kahramanlar, Konak and Bornova created a queue of kenkart, which led to the rebellion of the citizens. Citizens want to find an urgent solution to this situation, açıl the opening of the Crescent Station was very good, but we are experiencing a big problem here. 2 This station with the XyUMX input and 1 output does not remove the passenger from the 3 direction. There is a big problem especially at the evening time departures. Kenkart should increase the number of entry turnstile and output. In addition, IZBAN from Alsancak is full and is insufficient when trying to get on the passengers at the Crescent Station. For this reason, many passengers have to wait for another İZBAN vehicle. We want to increase the number of voyages from President Kocaoglu'nin said.

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