Iron plate measure on the elevator in the İZBAN overpass

IZBAN overpass elevated iron plate measure: İZMİR, connecting the heroes and the Aegean neighborhoods of Izmir Suburban System (İZBAN) overpass elevators, despite continuing to be damaged despite the continuous repair of metal levla closed.
Heroes District Headman Sebahattin Ozoran, while waiting for a solution with security camera to resort to such a way, not those who punish citizens, he said.
Although the elevators of the İZBAN overpass, which connects the heroes and the Aegean neighborhoods, have been repaired many times, they have been broken by unidentified people each time. The elderly living in the Aegean neighborhood, children, those who came out with a baby carriage, patients became victims for the elevator did not work. He had to go up and down the stairs. To prevent these attacks on the elevators, the people of the neighborhood asked for a security camera to be installed on the overpass or a private security officer to serve.
Persons or persons who could not cope with the damages to the elevators as soon as they were repaired found the remedy to exclude them. The entrance of the elevators was closed with iron plate. Thereupon, some citizens who do not want to go up the stairs of the overpass, taking all kinds of danger, began to cross over the IZBAN railway line.
Heroes District Chief Sebahattin Özoran said that no one could make sense of the closure of the elevators with iron doors while waiting for a solution and said: yerine Instead of catching vandals damaging each time in order not to operate the elevator, people were punished by applying this way. I will report the situation to Konak District Governorate. If the elevators were not used then why was it done. Which old mother with children will climb all these stairs? We want our elevator back. ”

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