İZBAN skein and municipality

İZBAN ordeal and municipality: İZBAN, the name of Fine İzmirin my commuter line ... Perhaps Turkey's longest urban transport line in its category .. However, a municipality has the İzmirde that undermine this beauty, give up now dedirtiyor every day. There is a mentality in İZBAN that cannot even use a telephone or a radio at a time when communication is now at the peak and what can be invented from now on. Last week, we waited about 12 minutes for the train that should arrive every 40 minutes at the Halkapınar transfer station. While the station was no longer accepting the passengers carried by the subway, the İZBAN officials would have awakened that they took the trouble to make an announcement. Train trips will be delayed due to the switch problem. Oh really! We didn't understand either. We were expecting sheep. If there is a problem somewhere, it takes seconds for the machinist to report this problem to other stations. Stealing people's lives for 40 minutes should not be at the discretion of anyone… İZBAN officials and Mr. KOCAOĞLU have a lot of ears. Since I use the İZBAN line frequently, I witness the quotations spoken for them every day. It does not take so much talk. The disgrace of the transfer in Halkapınar is a separate issue .. In the city of 20 million in Istanbul, such congestion only emerges when the metrobus breaks down. In İzmir, everything goes on its course… That is the usual flow of life in İZBAN… Inadequate exit gates and people circumambulate the station in order to go 2 steps to the subway.

Source: blog.milliyet.com.tr




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