Leader in the use of Swiss rail

Switzerland is the leader in rail use: In the latest published statistics of the public transport information office, Switzerland ranks ahead of Japan in rail use as last year. According to the announced report, the Swiss used railways for a journey of 2012 kilometers per person in 2. Only Japan from outside the continent could find a place in the list where European countries are in the top 274. The Japanese followed the Swiss with 20 kilometers per year, and the Danes with 912 kilometers.
In Switzerland, the people who prefer railways in urban and intercity transport are at the peak in 2012, but the distance traveled annually compared to 2011. In 2011, the Swiss became the first in this rank by making 2 thousand 310 per kilometer train journey per person.
The number of voyages per capita in Switzerland was second. In this order, the Japanese ranked first with the annual 69 voyage per capita, while the Swiss 51, the Luxembourgans 40 and the Danes 37 followed with different trips.

Source : I www.medyaxnumx.co



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