Two more metro lines in Istanbul

Kadir Topbaş gave the gospel Two more subway lines are coming to Istanbul. Mayor of Istanbul Metropolitan Kadir Topbas, yesterday made important statements about transportation projects, Bahçeşehir and Sultanbeyli gave the gospel of the subway. Ük We thought about the metro project in Bahçeşehir and Sultanbeyli after 2019. But there is an intense demand. We have accelerated the project work. Hopefully, we will continue our projecting project in the suburbs of Sultanbeyli and Bahçeşehir to finish at 2019. Ş
Topbaş made the following statement regarding the allegations that the metrobus line would be removed: “Our metrobus line serves as an important transportation system in Istanbul, but there is a problem due to the high demand. This place has to turn to the suburb. There are studies on this. We have already given the line from Bahçelievler to Beylikdüzü regarding this line to the Ministry of Transport. This line will be made. We want to complete our rail systems that will carry the density of the inner regions of the city in Istanbul by 2019. There will be a subway on the line where there is a metrobus. It is no longer possible to transport this density by buses. Our subway works continue without lifting the metrobus. "
Topbaş shared the following information about Marmaray, which will be put into service on October 29: “Marmaray is an uninterrupted system that can be reached from the east of Asia to England. However, due to the rehabilitation works and high speed train works on the suburban line, the suburban does not work. The line, which will be activated as of October 29, is the area between Ayrılıkçeşme and Kazlıçeşme. Already in Ayrılıkçeşme Kadıköy - Kartal Metro line is active. We will reinforce Kazlıçeşme with buses until the suburban line is over.

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