Why are the British get hurt for the 3 third airport?

Why are British ağrıtıyor our heads for the airport of The 3rd: Financial Times from Britain, one of his economy-based news for Turkey from inside Efforts to show more understanding, was put into direct criticism of the board. There is no one to question why these criticisms or the news we see as unfair were made, and the true aspects, by labeling the London-based news / commentary, which is the heart of finance, as a direct smear campaign, that brings the third airport tender to Istanbul and the difficulties of finding financing. For this reason, we are trying to make an assessment with a heavier language and to bring up words. We cannot give a satisfactory answer. It seems we have no other words to say.
The newspapers wrote that the financial uncertainty has threatened large-scale infrastructure projects in Turkey. I am the first to write this topic inside with data. Yes, they exaggerated a little by including those whose projects have not yet been announced and whose tenders have not been made; His claim that “3rd airport in Istanbul is in trouble, nuclear can be delayed, interest in Kanal Istanbul” is not a sign of goodwill and a healthy evaluation. Which is the subject that stands on the ground in the news we need to look. In my opinion, they have a fair share regarding the new airport.
Earlier this month, we encountered a similar criticism table at the Prime Ministry Investment Agency's meeting in New York. When we met with 25 fund managers and representatives of New York at a consultancy company, a question was asked about the 3rd airport here. Policy Aycı At this meeting, Turkey's New York Consul General Levent Bilgen with Citibank Turkey General Manager and Country Head, US-Turkey Business Forum (ABFT) President Serra Akçaoğlu, Pepsico Southeast Europe President, ABFT Board Member Eugene Willemsen, International Investors Association of Turkey (YASED) Vice President Akın Kozanoğlu, Koç Finance-Yapı Kredi Chief Economist Cevdet Akçay, Mediasa Vice President Bülent Gençtürk, Investment Agency Chief Advisor Hasan Pehlivan were present. All members of the speech made by Turkey, answered questions. However, it fell to Hasan Pehlivan to answer the most troubled one. That question that we encountered in New York was the third airport.
In the course of Turkey to resolve the problems caused by those who do good abroad it falls to the Prime Ministry Investment Agency. Let's pray they study well in their lessons.
Vahap Munyar from Hürriyet, who was at the meeting with me as a journalist, wrote about this issue that we encountered in New York without comment. The question was:
“We entered one of the consortia for the 3rd airport tender with a share of 1 billion dollars. However, a consortium of Turkish companies (Limak-Kolin-Cengiz-Mapa-Kalyon) with a figure exceeding 30 billion, well above our projections, won the tender with a 25-year rental price. kazanwas. We were disappointed. Isn't the resulting price exorbitant?”
I do not think that Turkey is in me as no one knows this subject in more detail. For this reason, both the question caught my attention and "How will ours answer?" I started listening curiously. When İlker Aycı pointed to Chief Advisor Hasan Pehlivan to answer, I was noticed. It started from the transparency of the tender and responded in a dominant way. For example, he pointed out that it was the bidder IC-German Fraport, who led the auction section of the tender to start from 20 billion Euros. Thereupon, the person who asked the question left the meeting without asking new questions. However, I have something to say.
I raised this issue last week at BloombergHT. When the sealed envelopes were opened, Makyol offered 4 billion Euros, world giant French ADP partner TAV offered 9 billion Euros, Limak-Kolin-Cengiz-Mapa-Kalyon consortium 12.6 billion Euros, and the IC-Fraport (German) consortium offered 20 billion Euros. Add VAT to these figures without VAT and give the answer: "Why did IC-Fraport give twice the price of the two groups that wanted to buy the tender?"
Unlike the two groups, IC-Fraport, which started the tender with twice the numbers, then why did it show the sign of leaving the race immediately with small increments? He didn't bid higher, why? Wait for tomorrow…

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