History will write this injustice

History will write this injustice: Muhmmet Ozturk, a former provincial chairman of MHP Trabzon, spoke about the logistics issue discussed in the public opinion. Ozturk, the planned logistics in Rize Iyidere can not be against anyone, but Trabzon could not be fooled by the shipyard in the world, he said. Logistics shifting from Çamburnu Trabzon is a great injustice recording Ozturk, "History will write this injustice," he said.
Gunebakis: Trabzon MHP as the former provincial province, the region and the people of the region know the value you give. We have also followed your principled stance for years. Recently, Trabzon has a logistics center problem. We know that you have a good reader, intellectual accumulation. Do you follow these developments?
Öztürk: Of course I do. Every day and with all my attention. In addition, I am exchanging ideas from time to time with interested parties to get the right information. In a sense, I'm also checking the media (joking)
daycare: Where is the Logistics Center going. What's happening to you?
Öztürk: I heartily congratulate Günebakış. The interest and determination of this city and its interests is admirable. Incentive, Private University, second state university, Ring Road, Railroad Children's Hospital, Biotechnology business and now Logistics Center event. I really congratulate and thank you.
sunshine: Estağfurullah, sir. This is our responsibility.
Ozturk: ​​Of course, your responsibility. But you are not alone. There is also the Trabzon newspaper which advocates for the logistics to İyidere.
Günebakış: Logistics is going to İyidere. Or Of Iyidere?
Öztürk: We are not children. Logistics goes to Rize. In order not to get the name reactions. Where is the port established? Uçak Where are the cargo planes going? Hangi Which road was used on the road? Ovit route. Where is he? There will be a TIR garage. Nothing else.
Is this clear?
Ozturk: ​​Yes, clear. I do not say. Hayati Yazin says Rizeli. It is so ambitious that even the concept of 'Silk Road' takes to Rize. You wrote and read. What it says: it The new Silk Road Project with Ovit axis. Of-Iyidere Logistics Center. Derepazari harbor. Rize airport ”That's what he says. If you set up Derepazarı'a Logistic Port customs will be in Of? Otherwise, the exit of the airport will be made from Of. Nobody fool anyone. Logistics received from Trabzon. He personally took the Prime Minister. He made a distinction between cities.
Günebakış: Are you against the establishment of Rize İyidere Logistics Center?
Öztürk: What is the relationship? I'm never against. To Iyidere Logistics Derepazari port, Rize airport to be established. There is no Trabzon against them. They add power to Rize. Rize. What we oppose is the cancellation of Çamburnu. Transfer of Logistics to Rize by canceling Çamburnu. Logistics Center Çamburnu'nun whether it was in the center or two years we discussed. Albayraklar and Çebiler's fight was taken to the Prime Minister. To make a fair decision. He took it from Prime Minister, gave Logistics Center Trabzon to Rize. Of course, he added one per head? His justice was like that. Are you satisfied with this? The friends I've been talking to call 'Çamburnu'. Of course, those who are not AKP.
Günebakış: What do you mean, the non-AKP?
Ozturk: ​​For those who are AKP, Trabzon is not important. People living in Trabzon are not important. For them, what the Prime Minister says is important. Once again, they can easily sell the interests of the city they live in for the sake of their political ambitions. We haven't seen anyone who has objected yet. But the history will write and write them.
Daytime: What happens if the railway is for you?
Öztürk: The railway will go there. Logistics When I go to Iyidere, what does the railway work in Trabzon? It's going down to Derepazari. That means that Erzincan, Bayburt, will be connected to Derepazarı Port via Çaykara. They will soon.
Don't you look at a micro-nationalist perspective as a Tonyian?
Öztürk: We are from Trabzon. First Turkey, then Trabzon, finally Tonya. The establishment of the Logistics Center in Çamburnu has been discussed for two years. Did someone from Akcaabat, Tonya, Vakfikebirli come out and say, “Akçaabat should be built in Beşikdüzü? No. Why Didn't He Say? Trabzon kazantest. Trabzon kazanIsa Vakfikebir, Tonya kazanir. in Rize kazanir. in Gumushane kazanir. in Bayburt kazanir. in Giresun. Let me tell you something else. While the railway was being discussed, did any of the districts in the West say, 'Let the railway go down to Tirebolu'?
However, the railway that descends to Tirebolu comes to Trabzon from Görele, Eynesil, Beşikdüzü, Vakfıkebir, Çarşıbaşı and Akçaabat. I mean, it would go through all these towns. But in Trabzon, if the history showed Trabzon, to object to this is incompatible with social and economic reality. Trabzon means Of means, Tonya means, Beşikdüzü, Görele say, say Rize, Gümüşhane means. Look, Gumushane revolted. Municipality, Chamber of Commerce, all non-governmental organizations, Logistics can not be shifted from Trabzon says. Trabzon says it can not.
sunday: Our people also say?
Ozturk: ​​Who says? Two political parties were also the pioneers of the Eastern Black Sea Exporters' Association. He was deceived. I cheated.
Günebakış: Who cheated on the NCC? Who tricked you?
Öztürk: According to Ahmet Hamdi Gürdoğan, Minister Erdoğan Bayraktar officially deceived. On the one hand Logistic Çamburnu'a said to be established. On the other hand, he ordered the preparation for the Iyidere-Of valley. He hid it from Trabzon. How is this accepted?
Look, let me give you another answer to your problem. You know, about the tonicity thing. Trabzon Governorship and East Black Sea Agency have appointed Logistics Specialist from Germany for location determination. These experts worked 5 days. These are shown in 3. Arsin-Yeşilyalı, Çamburnu and Of-İyidere. The experts chose Arsin Yeşilyalı as the most suitable place. Then I call him. Ler But Çamburnu is economically ready, 'they said. Of-Iyidere 'forcing' said. They gave us a report. Get these reports. Nobody from the west districts said that. Hiç There was no place to be shown in the west of this city “? You cannot establish the Logistics Center Vakfıkebir when it comes to Trabzon.
daylight: Sliding to Of-Iyidere ak
Öztürk: Prime Minister. She never loves Trabzon. Look at the cup thing. Who's giving the trophy?
sunday: What will you say after all?
Ozturk: ​​Today I read the old governor's statement in your newspaper. 'If Trabzon goes from Trabzon, all of its value is lost' says. He's right. Non-Governmental Organizations should have Trabzon. This city does not remove this betrayal.
What betrayal, who betrayed?
Öztürk: Everything is in the middle. Don't ask for a name. I'm not afraid of anyone. Accuracy in nationalism is essential. He won't sell you. Couldn't Erdoğan Bayraktar tell the Prime Minister the report of Logistics experts? Who fooled this city?
Daylight: Perhaps Of-Iyidere is a regional project. Perhaps this is the feeling of reaction?
Öztürk: Ali Bey, let's not go back to the beginning. Go make the scientists talk. This project is against the facts of history. This project is against the rules of trade. In Çamburnu, a Logistics Center to be established in Yeşilyalı is regional. International airport ready. Two sea ports ready. Ovit is ready. Ovit, Zigana-Araklı Dağbaşı Highway is ready. The rail is coming. But what about this? Of-Iyidere, but I also have the Çamburnu.
Daylight: Is this over?
Öztürk: There is no going back from Of-iyidere. It doesn't matter if you don't. But Çamburnu should start right away. If they are going to spend 200-300-500 million dollars and do logistics, let them do it. It won't be bad. He competes with Trabzon. Trade runs on its own rules. in Trabzon kazanır, in Rize, Gümüşhane.

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