High Speed ​​Trains Finish the Love of the Ox

High Speed ​​Trains Ended the Love of the Ox to Train: Railways are an important system used today in the world for both human and freight transportation.
“Archaeologists BC near a pyramid in Egypt. They unearthed the bronze ray remains thought to have been built in 2600. It is believed that these rails were used to carry the stones used in the construction of the pyramid from the quarries. The first railway transportation in the Ottoman State was carried out on the Cairo-Alexandria line in 1854. The first railway in Anatolia was built between İzmir and Aydın. Most of the railways were built in the Republican era. ” (Source: Wikipedia)
The nostalgic trains of the railways are among the pleasant memories of our childhood. The child smiles at the passengers or the mechanic of a train that passes by.
Trains are a good and often a reunion. Sometimes a thrill, or fear, or a mother's lap carrying the red-legged lambs. How many soldiers have jumped and fled as they pass by the train to get back to her mother. In Nazi Germany, the trains of death are called… innocent people who are taken to the gas chambers N
The fact that trains are very special in our lives is in fact, emotionally charged. How many songs, how many songs has been the subject. Couple filming plateau. Trains are a different window that we look at in our lives. That whisky whistle is still in my ears in
On the train development, the Japanese think they're going ahead in the world. One of his latest works, the fast moving trains were moving on magnetic rails at a speed of 500 km. Thanks to the magnets, the train going through the air reached high speeds and was quietly moving at the same time.
When I read them, I remembered the love of the famous ox and train. The oxen graze in pastures and look at the train passing by. The train is the last train until the train disappears, but they also den
Newly developed trains are very fast. I couldn't help but think that the oxen would say that. Well, they're already late. They won't even have time to perceive this much speed, and their love will be over hız
Only human beings will respect and hear this nostalgic love. For example, the Ox Bar and Train Bar, which is operated in Alsancak, may be a sign of respect for this love even though ironically Mes
Even though the love of the ox is on the train, we will not forget this love, and we will cheer on the place we see every day.

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