High Speed ​​Train Protest in Rome

trenitalia high speed train
trenitalia high speed train

High Speed ​​Train Protest in Rome: 15 detained in front of Ministry of Economy and arrested
In Rome, the capital of Italy, Turin and the high-speed train line in Lyon, France, were protested.

The march from the city's main squares, San Giovanni, started in the afternoon and ended in the evening in Porta Pia. On the walk, both the high-speed train line between Turin and Lyon was protested both the government's economic policies. 15 demonstrator was detained due to incidents during the march. 3 security guard was injured.

Many migrants in the walk, including 70 thousand people participated in the walk, said.
During the march, the tension between the protesters and the police and between the groups who protested with the protesters increased.

Two groups confronted the crossing of the right-wing organization Casapound near the headquarters of the gel No Tav iki cortege. After the short-term tension, security forces prevented the growth of the events.

The building of the Ministry of Economy on the walking route was one of the places where the tension increased the most. There was a short-term conflict between the security forces and a hooded group participating in the march. During the brawl, while some demonstrators set garbage bins on fire, a large number of sound bombs and torches were thrown.

In front of the ministry, another group, in front of the Embassy of Germany in Rome, a few sound bombs and torches, while the state's Trenitalia company in front of the security forces in the group of occasional pepper gas responded to the group.

Some of the protesters who started a sit-in protest in Porta Pia were prevented from getting into the police by throwing stones, sticks, bottles and provocation. Some provocateurs were stunned by the demonstrators. In the last part of the action some people established a tent in Porta Pia Square. The closure of the walk route and the surrounding streets due to security measures have also blocked the main arteries of the city.

Before the march, 14 people were detained, which began yesterday by the security forces and wanted to provoke the march in various operations until this morning. Many knives, fire extinguishers and explosive materials were found on the detainees.

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