Harran University Students Want Rail System

Students of Harran University Want a Rail System: At the opening ceremony of Harran University's 2013-2014 Academic Year, students repeated their demands for the dormitory and rail systems.
Harran University's new academic year is at the Osmanbey Campus, a moment of silence in front of the Atatürk monument, the reading of the National Anthem and the Rector. Dr. It started with İbrahim Halil Mutlu putting a wreath on the monument.
Afterwards, the choir consisting of Music Teaching Department presented a mini concert under the direction of Chef Gülgün Yücesan at the ceremony that continued in Osmanbey Campus Blue Hall.
Sultan Fingerless, who made the first speech of the ceremony on behalf of the students; “The opening of Law, Dentistry and Pharmacy Faculties strengthens the dynamic structure of our university. kazanwill stop. University-industry cooperation should increase. The capacity of our university is increasing, but the dormitory is becoming a big problem, especially in Osmanbey Campus. Especially new dormitory buildings should be built here. Transportation lines between Eyyübiye Campus and Osmanbey should be opened. Finally, there should be a rail system between Şanlıurfa and Osmanbey Campus,” he said.

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