Response from Gümüşhan to the logistics center project of Of-İyidere Valley

Response from Gümüşhan to the logistics center project of Of-İyidere Valley: Various institutions, organizations and NGOs in Gümüşhane made a joint statement and reacted to the Logistics Center project which will be the victim of Gümüşhane.
In Gumushane, various institutions, organizations and NGOs have made a joint statement and reacted to the Logistics Center project that will make Gumushane victims.
Gümüşhane Mayor Mustafa Canlı, Gümüşhane Bayburt Regional Bar Association Attorney İsmail Taştan, CHP Provincial Chairman Atilla Sait Özdamar, MHP Provincial Vice President Vedat Soner Başer, Saadet Party Province Attorney Akın Demir, GTSO Vice President Elbeyi Gergin, Representative of Union of Tradesmen and Craftsmen Chambers Muhlis Atalay, Chairman of City Council Hasan Pir, Representative of the Journalists Turan Tuğlu, President of the Chamber of Tradesmen and Artisans Yusuf Kullukçu, Officer -Sen President Veli Ağaç, Turkish Women's Union Gümüşhane Branch Representative Hülya Aydın, Chairman of the Village and Neighborhood Headmen Association Ekrem Sebat Turan, Gümüşhane Chairman of the Beekeepers Association Niyazi Gül, Gümüşhaneli Young Businessmen President Abdullah Yavuz, GÜSİAD Branch President Murat Akçay, Engineer and Architect Chamber Branch President Serkan Öztürk said in a joint statement by the Minister of Customs and Trade Hayati Yazıcı of Rize. Iyidere Valley logistics center will be made and the silk road project will be portrayed in this context reacted to the statement.
Reminding in the statement, Minister of Customs and Trade Hayati Yazıcı pointed out the Ovit Project as the center within the framework of the revitalization of the İpekyolu Project at a press conference in Rize, and that Minister Yazıcı announced that a logistics center will be established in Rize, Of - İyidere Valley, “ We are concerned that the logistics center, which is planned to be established in the Rize Of İyidere Valley, will bypass Gümüşhane, the transporters and tradesmen of Gümüşhane, causing unjust treatment. It is evident with historical information and documents that the historical Silk Road route connecting the East and the Black Sea passes through Gümüşhane. Apart from the historical facts, we react to the development of a new silk road route and the works that will cause Gümüşhane to be bypassed with the Logistics center and Ovit project to be built. Such a project and route will never be compatible with historical facts. Throughout the history of the Republic of Turkey, one of the most important ports of Trabzon Port-based establishment of a logistics center in Trabzon it will be the most reasonable choice for all of the Eastern Black Sea. We do not accept any projects that will block the railroad to pass through Gümüşhane, interrupt the silk road works, or reduce the transportation chain on the highway passing through Gümüşhane. " statements were included.

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