Gül: The Project of the Century Marmaray Imagined 153 Years ago (Video)

Gül: Project of the Century Marmaray Dreamed 153 Years Ago: Here are the statements of President Abdullah Gül, who spoke at the opening ceremony of Marmaray, "Project of the Century".
President Abdullah Gül spoke at the opening ceremony of Marmaray.
Here are some highlights from Gül's speech:
I greet you all with love and love. Today, our government celebrates the 90 anniversary of the Republic, and our government offers a great gift to our citizens. The Marmaray project is one of the major projects not only for Istanbul but also for the world. We are proud of opening this.
First they are imagined, then they have stable visionary people who know business and realize them. The project, which was imagined 153 years ago, was done by our government happily today.
Together, we laid the foundations in Üsküdar square. Fortunately, today we are proud to make the opening together again.
The stability and confidence environment in recent years has allowed for large projects. In the coming period, surely the bigger ones will be put into service.
Prime Minister Erdogan followed this project with great determination. Minister Binali Yildirim, not only in other projects, but within the framework of a very stable ministerial responsibility.
Many articles about this will be given in conferences. The team that carried out this project, I would like to thank all the foreign companies, the employees and the technicians who are undertaking this at every level, especially the TCDD management.




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