Gaziantep deputies toured the historic railway line

Gaziantep deputies toured the German-made historical railway line: AK Party Gaziantep deputies Halil Mazıcıoğlu Derya Bakbak, Karkamış and Zeugma visited the ancient cities.
Mazıcıoğlu and Bakbak first visited the Karkamış district of the German-made historical railway line and maintenance station from the Ottoman period. Then, the deputies who passed to the Carchemish Ancient City, archaeologist Nicolo Marchetti from the excavation team and Dean of the Faculty of Architecture of Gaziantep University. Dr. Prof. Dr. Mustafa Özakça.
MP Mazıcıoğlu emphasized that with the completion of the excavations in the city, a valuable historical heritage for the world will rise and contribute to the tourism of the province and the country.
Bakbak said that the city, which has been used as a settlement since 5000 BC, covers a very large area.
Stating that the 35 hectare part of the city, which is called the outer wall area, remains on Syrian soil and that it is used in agriculture today, Bakbak gave the following information:
The 55 hectare section, which is called the inner wall area, is within our borders. The main center of Carchemish is also located in this area. This is a residential area that was the Istanbul of the period. After George Smith had identified Jarablus as 'Ancient Carchemish' in 1876, the British consul Henderson in Aleppo conducted various excavations in 1878-1881. Excavations continued here in the early years of our Republic. '
Bakbak, 1950'lı years, no one could enter this area by laying mines in the region, in fact, thus a very large area and the protection of historical monuments said.
Miletvekillereri Mazıcıoğlu and Bakbak, then moved to the ancient city of Zeugma, frescoes and mosaics were examined.
Omer Ozcan, Special Secretary of the Provincial Special Administration, Mustafa Gül, Karkamış Governor, Nuh Kocaaslan, Karkamış Mayor and Mustafa Kemal Sakaroğlu, Mayor of Yavuzeli, accompanied the visit.

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