First domestic tram starts working on holidays

First local tram starts working on the holiday: Turkey's domestic construction and silkworms that time, which will begin on the feast continues to take a city tour in the testing phase.
When displaying two silkworms for the first time during the test drive, if the parking problems gradually disappear kalkıyor.b Metropolitan Municipality ?? in the consultation, which will be used in production and Sculpture Garage T1 line Turkey ?? s first indigenous tram ?? Silkworm ??, Eid ?? s 1. day, başlayacak.kent center of the vehicle noise to the journey time, to purify exhaust gas pollution and the heavy vehicle traffic generated in consultation with the Metropolitan Municipality of ?? Turkey ?? s first indigenous tram ?? Silkworm ?? s T1 tram line will serve had reached the end of their studies. On the tram, which will breathe city transportation, 5 will run all day from October to October, on the first day of Eid al-Adha, 15.
Prices determined
All the boarding passes on the tram is 0,50 TL and a single fare schedule will be applied. According to the statement of BURULAŞ officials; On the first day of the holiday, the tram will travel between 09.00 and 18.00.
The second wagon is also on the tracks
After the test drives that started on August 26, citizens and vehicle drivers have started to get used to the silkworm, which has suffered from vehicles parked on the T1 line. Test drives started to be completed in a shorter time. The second of the first silkworm exhibited for about 3 months has started trial runs on the rails since yesterday. The residents of Bursa, who believe that their problems will disappear with the start of the holidays, are waiting for the trips to start as soon as possible.

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