Rotating Rail System Vehicles Turntable Unit Project The deadline for bidding has been delayed

TCDD Rotating Rail System Vehicles Turntable Unit Project Turnkey bid deadline is postponed to 07 November 2013
New developments have been recorded on the ün Turn-Key Tender of the Rail System Vehicles (Dönerköprü - 6 Unit) Unit me of the Turkish State Railways (TCDD) General Directorate.
According to the information received by the Investments Magazine; The deadline for the deadline is 23 October 2013, which was previously announced as 07 October 2013.
1. ensign
2. Aykor Tender's specifications can be obtained from the Central Directorate of TCDD (Talatpaşa Boulevard No: 250 3 Gar Altındağ / Ankara Tel: 06330 0312 309 05 - 15) for 4419 liras.
The validity period of the bids to be submitted to the tender was announced as 90 calendar day, turnover of the work to the specified work places in the form of parties / parties (Provisional acceptance 360 calendar day + Final acceptance 30 calendar day) was announced as total 390 calendar day. Information about the Project6 Units of the Dönerköprü unit are as follows:
1- Kayseri - Bogazkopru
2- Karabuk
3- Balıkesir - Gökköy
4- Mardin
5- Konya
6- Nigde - Ulukisla
The loading capacity of the unit will be 160 tone. diameter of the locomotive slewing unit, 21.150 mm, inside diameter of the concrete pit wall, 21.250 mm, diameter of the spindle / rail, 20.150 mm, rail clearance, 1435 mm., walkway width on both sides, minimum 600 mm. , minimum 5000 mm., turning unit, 4 pc stop (output side rail link line), rail type on the slewing unit, uIC60, rotary bridge circular rotating rail type, uIC60 or profile, rotary bridge rotating unit speed: 6-60 m ./dak. (adjustable), slewing unit full rotation speed: minimum 1,00 dev./min., operating voltage, 380 volt, 3 phase, 50 speed. and protection class of motor and control systems, IP54, limit switches protection class, will be IP65.
Ref .: Investments Magazine 1149 / 23 September 2013 (APE)

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